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  Welcome to Learning from other people's mistakes . Here you will find the mistake stories of other people. Most of the stories based on truth. Some stories are edited here to conceal the identity of them.

      My blog is about LEARNING FROM OTHERS MISTAKES . If we only learn from our own mistakes, it will take a lots of time from our life and we have to pay a price. But if we learn from others mistakes , these cost us nothing .
        We have learnt about EARLY MEN. In those days there were no houses , people lived in caves . They did not cook. Then came the NEOLITHIC MEN , they learnt how to cook and they began to live in Hut. In these ways human beings have been  learning one by one .
  I have started my blogging out of passion for learning and sharing on 25th July 2018.I  have learnt blogging tutorial youtube videos and reading the contents of other bloggers. I love simplicity and transparency . I am interested in writing from childhood and I wrote many posts in Facebook. Seeing my posts in Facebook, one day one of my colleagues asked me to write blog . I didn't know anything about blogging at that time . Then I started watching youtube video about blogging . I began to write about mistake story of others .
     I want to give message to the world that if we learn from others mistakes , we can improve ourselves very fast.
I am Biswa Kumar Jamatia from Tripura, the North Eastern state of India. My qualification is  MA (Master of Arts) English Honours. I'm a PGT teacher in English subject  by profession.
I will be writing blog .

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