5 Short Stories, Learn from Others Mistakes


1.Fote and Rangia:

     There was a certain king in Tripura. He was known for his benevolent personality. He had a beautiful daughter who loved to ride the elephant and always roamed in their big flower garden sitting on the back of the white elephant from her childhood. They became good friends. It was told by the people that the white elephant could understand the language of the human being. Especially, the princess could make her white elephant do all her works. The elephant also would love a company with the princess. He looked for the princess if she did not come out of her room.

   The princess grew up. Her parents began to talk about marriage. The king started searching for a prince for her daughter. Somehow the white elephant came to know about it. From then he remained upset and did not take food properly. The princess would get married and go far from him. The elephant could not bear the separation from the princess.
     One day in the evening time, as usual, the princess was enjoying the cool breeze sitting on her favourite white elephant's back in their flower garden which was a little distance from the palace. The white elephant took the princess away stealthily and went into the deep jungle.

      The king could rescue his daughter easily, but he wanted a brave and strong fighter bridegroom for his daughter. So, he invoked his people and announced, " I will get my daughter married to the man who can rescue my daughter from the big white elephant". Everyone wanted to marry the beautiful princess but did not have courage to fight with the big elephant alone. They thought fighting with the big elephant means to lose their life. The king asked, " who wants to rescue my daughter?". Everyone was silent. Then a fool man named Fote, 32 years old came forward and said, "Maharaj, if I am allowed to go with my younger brother Rangia, I can rescue your daughter". " Nice", the king said.

   The king told his people to put hands together for Fote. Everybody thought he might be a fool man that's why he agreed to fight with the big elephant to lose his life. And the villagers of Fote knew him as a fool man. They used to called him Butua which means fool man. Fote had no strength and any skill in fighting. But his younger brother Rangia was a strong man, many people knew that.  But the king did not hear about Rangia's strength. The villagers saw Rangia lifting a big bull. Rangia was not present in the meeting. He did not want to marry the princess. Rangia was a very handsome young man. His tall figure, handsome face and unlimited strength could make any girls crazy.

     Returning home, Fote told Rangia, " Our king ordered you and me to rescue the princess from the hand of the white elephant". Rangia knew his brother well but did not say anything. Actually, Rangia did not have any interest to marry the princess. So, he did not go to the meeting which was called by the king. He agreed to go ,because if they did not go to rescue the princess after agreeing to go, his brother would be amputated by the king.

   Next day, Rangia and Fote were ready to leave and the king came to see them off. It was summer day. The heat was scorching. There was a river named Gomati flowing from east to west of Tripura. According to the gourds of the king, the elephant eloped with the princess towards the east side opposite direction of the river. Rangia and Fote entered into the deep forest and after searching all day for the princess, they reached near a big cave which belonged to a Demon. They did not find any footprint of the elephant. The white elephant was very clever. He took away the princess walking through the water. So, the footprints were washed away by the water flowing. Rangia and Fote decided to take rest at night in the cave. Rangia prepared to cook food. Butua( another name of Fote) was singing and dancing inside the cave because he never had seen such a beautiful cave. He was unaware that the cave belonged to a dangerous Demon but Rangia knew all but did not tell his elder brother. Rangia needed some dry wood to set fire. Before going to fetch dry wood, he told Fote, " Brother, I am going to bring some dry wood in the jungle, don't come out of the cave until I came back. If any one asked you who is sleeping in my cave, then tell him from inside that I am Rangia".

    After sometime, a big demon came there asked standing outside, " who is sleeping in my cave?" Fote said, " I am Rangia.  Rangia is sleeping". Demon ran away hearing the name of Rangia because he was told by the Bhrahma( almighty) that only a man by the name of Rangia could kill him. Again Demon came and asked, " Who is sleeping in my cave?" " I am Rangia. Rangia is sleeping", Fate said. Demon ran away again.
Fote thought Demon ran away hearing the name of his younger brother but came again and again, if he hears the name of Fote, he would never come back. So, he was waiting..

     Again Demon came and asked the same question. This time Fote told Demon, " I am Fote. Fote is sleeping". Hearing the name of Fote, Demon entered into the cave and attacked Fote to eat him up. But hearing the sound of Rangia's coming, Demon ran away leaving Fote wounded and taking all weapons which were brought by Rangia.

    Next morning, they proceeded towards the east. Eventually, Rangia found the big footprints of the elephant filled with water. The footprints were so big that it looked like many ponds from distance. Feeling hot,  Butua took a bath in the footprint of the elephant thinking that it was a small pond. Rangia said to his Brother, " these which look like small ponds are the footprints of the elephant". Fote was shocked. He was shivering in fear and he did not want to go ahead. He told Rangia to go back. But Rangia was brave. He preferred death to run back. So, Rangia said to his brother, " climb up the tree and wait for me. Don't come down from the tree until I return". Rangia went alone to rescue the princess.

     Eventually, Rangia saw the elephant sleeping and the princess was sitting on his back. She was crying. Rangia walked slowly to them and whispered that he had come to rescue her.
   He picked up a stone which was the almost equal weight of the princess and placed on the elephant's back and came back stealthily carrying the princess on his shoulder. But when the elephant moves his body a little, the stone fell down and at once he woke up. The elephant ran after Rangia. Ultimately, he caught Rangia. What a fight it was between the elephant and Rangia! The land was shaking, it looked like a massive earthquake. The elephant lifted a tree and threw it to Rangia and Rangia also could lift the same tree and threw it towards the elephant. At last, Rangia killed the elephant with the help of the princess. She gave him Sangein( one kind of attire used for binding long hair). Rangia killed the big white elephant with Sangain and broke the two teeth of the elephant.

On the way, the princess asked Rangia, " Do you come alone to rescue me".

Rangia- I have come with my elder brother.

Princess- Where is your brother?

Rangia- He fell sick, so he could not able to come with me. He is waiting for us sitting on the branches of the tree.

Princess- I did not ever see a great fighter like you in my life. And you are strong too. Is your brother also a great fighter?

Rangia- Yes.

The princess was attracted by his handsomeness and bravery. Instantly,
 the princess fell in love with Rangia. When he was making a boat, the princess was staring only him. They reached the place where Fote was waiting, sitting on the tree. Rangia called his btother. Fote came down and asked, " Where is the white elephant? Did the elephant let the princess go?"

At once the princess could understand that Fote was a fool man. They reached the cave and decided to sleep there again. Rangia had to go outside to fetch water. The demon came and asked, " Who is sleeping inside my cave?" Fote said, " I am Rangia. Rangia was sleeping". But the Demon could recognise the voice of the Fote. So, Demon entered into the cave and kidnapped the princess. Fote became unconscious with one slap by Demon. Rangia came back.
They ran after Demon. There was another big cave where Demon entered with the princess.
Rangia said to his brother, " I will go alone, you wait outside". Rangia killed Demon and rescued the princess alive. The princess fell in love with Rangia deeply. They came out of the cave.
    The princess said, " I left behind my Saigein, I will not go home without it". She requested Rangia to bring it from the cave. It was so important because Rangia had killed the elephant with it. So she wanted to keep it safe. Rangia entered into the cave again to bring her Sangein. Fote got a chance to make the princess his wife. So, he closed the door of the cave with a big rock. He forced the princess to go home.

Fote said to the princess, " Your father had announced  before everyone that if any one could bring his daughter back from the jungle, he will get his daughter married to him".
 He said, " I was the one who agreed to rescue you in the presence of many people. I know you love Rangia but he can not come back. He will die soon. Have you seen how I closed the door of the cave. Rangia can not able to come out.  If you tell others that I did not rescue you, no one will believe you".

   Fote and the princess reached the palace. The king was very happy. He announced that Fote would be the bridegroom of the princess and  would be our next king. The preparation of the marriage was in full swing.
 On the other hand, the princess was crying losing her beloved Rangia. She could not understand what to do. How could she marry the person who killed her beloved and betrayed his own younger brother.
   Finally, marriage date had come and all the rituals were being performed one by one. Suddenly, Rangia with shaggy cloth appeared there holding two teeth of the elephant in his two hands. At once the princess stood up, she came down and hugged Rangia. All the people present in the marriage party got surprised. The princess narrated the truth. The king ordered his soldiers to kill Fote right now but Rangia begged for his brother's life. The king spared his life. The princess got married to Rangia happily. They took blessing from all.

       Fote was ashamed and committed suicide at home.

       The end

2. A story of an old man and his wife

       A story of an Old man and his wife
Once there lived a poor old man with his wife in open big space below the hill which was a little distance from the village. They had no children. They fully depended on the Jhum cultivation. Every year the old man made a large jhum cultivation in the nearby forest. He grew crops and vegetables. Selling the crops and vegetable, he earned money and managed a squire meal a day.
    One day, the old man along with his wife went to their Jhum field to plant arum seeds in order to have arum leaves in future. There a group of monkey was sitting on the branches of the tree just above their Jhum field. When they were planting arum seeds, one of the monkeys came forward and said, -
"O grandfather and grandmother, arum seed should not be planted in this method, it will not germinate all or it will not sprout well. Listen to me, I will teach you the method of planting arum seeds.--
First, boil it well then pack it with banana leaves. After that you plant it. After three days, it will begin to grow."
The old man thought, " As they are living in the jungle, they will know the method better than us. I should go with their idea". The old man and old woman came back home without planting the seed. They boiled the seed then packed it with banana leaves. They went their to plant the boiling seed.
The monkeys -
Did you boil the seed, grandfather?
Grandfather- Yes.
The monkey-  Now plant it. It will grow after three days.
When the old man and old woman went home, all the monkeys came down and ate up all the boiled seed opening the packets. After eating all the seeds, the monkeys brought many wild arums from the forest and planted there. The wild arums were almost similar in colour and in shape but these leaves could not be eaten.
  After three days, the old man with his wife went there to check their seed. Seeing the fresh and nice leaves of the arums, they wondered and said, " The monkeys are right. They know the method better than us.We should not tell the villagers about the new method." They looked for the monkeys to say them 'Thank You'. The monkeys were not found there. The old woman wanted to pluck some leaves but her husband resisted her by saying- "we will pluck these leaves later and sell them in high price. I hesitated to pluck the leaves now".
  Anyhow, they brought some leaves at home for themselves and cooked it. After taking a bath, the old man was ready to take lunch. When he put the curry into his mouth, he felt itchy throat. He could not swallow the food. Immediately, his mouth began to swell and he became restless.
   He thought, " These leaves are of wild arum. The monkeys flattered me."  He went to his Jhum field again to look into the leaves well. He saw that all the leaves were withering. The old man's whole body was shivering in anger.
  He planned to kill all the monkeys. And his wife was also ready to help him. The old man was pretending to be dead lying on the floor. And the old man was crying the whole day sitting beside her husband. Hearing the cry of the old woman, the monkeys came there and asked the old woman, " Why are you crying? And what happened to grandfather?"
She replied, " Your grandfather is no more."
All the monkeys came inside the house. The old woman started to close the door.
The monkeys asked, " Why are you closing the door and windows, grandmother?"
‌She replied, " I am closing the door to prevent the bee and fly to enter the room."
After the old woman closed the doors and windows, the old man suddenly stood up with his big lathi and began to kill the monkeys one by one. The monkeys were scattered everywhere, some of them climbed up the ceiling. Some hid behind the trunk box.  But the old man was finding out one by one and killing them. He saw one monkey inside a folded quilt. The monkey begged for his life. The old woman felt pity for the monkey. But her husband did not spare the monkey's life. He said to his wife, " Is any monkey left?" He took a rest for a while after killing many monkeys. He threw all the bodies of the monkeys.
In the evening when the old woman opened the trunk box, she saw another monkey inside the box. The monkey was shivering in fear. The monkey said, " Please don't kill me. I will stay with you since I have no friends. I will serve you entire my life. I will cook for you. On the other hand, the woman was feeling pity for the monkey and also resisting him. So, the old man did not kill the monkey and allowed him to stay with them.
   The monkey won the trust of the old man. Suddenly, the woman got pregnant after long years of their marriage. She gave birth to a baby boy. They were intensely happy. They thought that their luck was changing due to the monkey's staying with them. So, they took care of the monkey much more than before. They gave the responsibility to the monkey to take care of the baby.

     After the birth of their baby, they made Jhum cultivation in front of their house. They did not go far for Jhum cultivation. The monkey was seeking for a good chance to take revenge of their parents, brothers, sisters and friends. When they were working, the monkey poked the baby with his sharp nail and made the baby cry purposely. When the baby cried, the woman asked, "What happen? Why is the baby crying?"
 The monkey replied, " He wants to eat chicken".
The woman--" kill a big cock". The monkey beat the baby again to make him cry.
The woman-"Why is he crying?"
 The monkey-" He wants to play with a Pitcher."
 The woman -" Give it to him."
 The monkey broke it with a big lathi. In this way, the monkey was ruining their properties.
Eventually, the monkey killed the baby pouring hot boiled water and went away.

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 3. The Porcupine and the snakes
(Know your guest well before you invite him over)
     There was a group of snakes who lived in a cave. One day a porcupine was passing by.
"That cave looks warm and comfortable, " thought the porcupine.
However, when he went inside, he found it belonged to the snakes. He asked, "Would you mind if I share your cave with you?"
"Alright, you can be our guest, " said the snakes.
So the porcupine started living in the cave with the snakes. However, the snakes were not happy with their new guest. Whenever they would pass by the porcupine, his sharp quills would prick them.
One day snakes said, "Mr. Porcupine, would you kindly leave our cave? Your quills are always pricking us."
"Sorry about that, " said the porcupine.
The porcupine said, " I like this cave. It is warm and cozy. Why don't you go and find another cave for yourself?"
Know your guest well before you invite him over.
   4. The ungrateful snake

( Do not take pity on the person who can harm you)

        It was a cold winter morning. A farmer was walking towards his fields to start work with his companions.
"Look there is a dead snake lying on the ground, " said his companions.
"It's not dead", said the farmer picking it up, " its only frozen stiff in this cold winter."
"Throw it away quickly before he recovers. It is a poisonous snake, " cried his companions.
But the farmer was filled with pity. He said,  "No, we must help this poor creature."
He put the frozen snake inside his coat to warm it back to life. Soon the snake started wriggling around. The farmer put his hand inside the coat to take the snake out.
   As the farmer picked it up, the snake dug his poisonous fangs into his hand.
Do not take pity on the person who can harm you.
   Taken from Aesop's Fables.

   5. Hokey, an unlucky man

     A man whose name was Hokey lived in a certain village. He was known as an unfortunate man in his village. He was a very poor but honest man. He had three wives and six children. Hokey was a great devotee of Goddess Laxmi (Hindu Goddess).
      From his childhood, he had no fortunes. He tried his luck many times in his childhood. He could not succeed. He knew himself as an unlucky man. One day Hokey thought that his life might change after marriage. So, he wanted to get married soon to establish his life. He thought that he was unlucky but his wife might be a lucky girl. And his family would be a happy family.
     But his condition was not changed. Even he was becoming poorer. Hokey had two children. So, he had to work harder than before to feed his wife and children. He thought that his wife was also as unlucky as he.
     Hokey decided to marry another girl thinking that this time he might have a lucky wife. He fancied that his second wife was a lucky girl and he became a rich man. But nothing changed. He had a child with his second wife.  On one side, his family members increased, on the other side he was ageing. Gradually he was losing his energy. He could not work hard like before. But he did not lose hope. And he did not give up worshipping Goddess Laxmi.
        The God Vishnu asked Goddess Laxmi, "Why did not you bless your devotee, Hokey? He is suffering from poverty". The Goddess Laxmi replied that Hokey did not want anything from me. Every day he worshipped me but wanted nothing. That's why I could not give him anything.
‌       Again Hokey was thinking of getting married to another girl for the last time to try his luck. He got married to a black girl. Because the black girl was considered to be a lucky girl. But no, his third wife also an unlucky girl. Now Hokey had three wives and six children. He had to work every day like an ass. His Wives and children were in a half-naked dress.
‌      Goddess Laxmi could not tolerate any more. Although Hokey did not want anything, she herself would help him to get him freed from poverty. She came down from heaven to help Hokey. She put a big gold coin on the road in front of his house so that when he passed by this way, he would get it. In the early morning, he went out for work. But when he reached near the place where Goddess Laxmi placed the golden coin, an idea came to his mind that how the blind people lived in the world. So, he closed his eyes to see how the blind people walked on the road. So he did not get the gold coin. Next day, Goddess Laxmi hanged the gold coin on the way,  though Hokey closed his eyes, it would hit his head. Again he thought that when he would become old, he would walk bending his body. He bent his body like an old man and passed by the gold coin. He did not get it again. God Brahma who wrote the destiny of the Hokey appeared before Goddess Laxmi and said, Hokey had no luck in his entire life. God Brahma advised Goddess Laxmi not to bother to help Hokey, it would be helpless. But she determined to help him at anyhow and any cost. So she appeared before Hokey and handed a big gold coin over him. And she instructed him, " Instead of selling it, worship it and ask whatever you want, but remember, you have to ask only two times, then it will disappear".
‌     Hokey was very very happy and told his three wives and children that we would not be poor any longer. Our evil days were at an end. Ultimately our luck had come. Goddess Laxmi blessed me with a magical gold coin. We would have whatever we wanted. Hearing it, the wives and children jumped for joy.
‌     They had nothing , their list of demand were so long. So when Hokey started worshipping and he was ready for asking, his three wives and six children made a loud noise asking their demands, such as -a lot of money, a beautiful house, a lot of clothes, rice, sweet eatables, toys, fish , meat etc. It was unbearable for Hokey, so he said,          "You shut up".
‌  His all wives and children became dumb. They became voiceless. Being compelled, Hokey had to ask the magical gold coin for their recovery. They all got back their voice. And the magical gold coin disappeared.
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