A devotee of Mata Tripureswari was disgruntled by the discourteous shopkeepers.


On 25th May, 2019; A Devotee name Patal Kumar Noatia of Mata Tripureswari was disgruntled by some discourteous matarbari shopkeepers. They tore his shirt.
  Patal kr. Noatia, along with his family went to the Mata Tripuriswari temple by a Maruti van at around 11:30 am on the 5th May2019 to worship Mata Tripureswari sacrificing a he-goat.

As soon as Patal kr.Noatia's Maruti Van had reached Matarbari, six/seven shopkeepers surrounded the car and asked Patal kr and his family to go their shop. The rude shopkeepers opened the door and started picking up the bags and other things without their permission. Patal kr Noatia somehow managed to come out of the car but his wife and others could not come out because of the gathering.

  A shop keeper pulled Patal kr Noatia's shirt from one side and two other shopkeepers pulled it from another side. So,the shirt got torn. A shopkeeper was found taking he-goat of Patal kr Noatia to his shop after failing to bring Patal kr and his family to his shop.

Later the police came and brought the situation under control. The police assures the people stern action will be taken against the discourteous shopkeepers.

     A reporter asked Patal kr Noatia, "Your shirt got torn. Do you want any Justice?".
He told the reporter, " I don't want anything but it should not be repeated again in future. And I want proper management here so that all the devotees can come and worship Mata Tripureswari without facing any difficulty.

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