Culture, Manner, Food, Dress etc of Jamatia Community

A shooting is being made to show the world about the culture, manner, dress, food etc of Jamatia community. It will be released very soon.
Credit goes to Asst. Professor Dr. Milan Rani Jamatia( Hindi department, Tripura University) and her team.
The traditional food of the Jamatia community is delicious. Most of the curry is cooked without oil. The curry is cooked with fermented fish. But some Jamatias are rejecting our traditional food and accepting other community's food.
  The following list of curry are given-
1.  Gudak--  Gudak curry is cooked without using cooking oil. So, it is good for our health.
2. Chakhwi- It is also cooked without oil. It helps to control your blood pressure.
3. Mwiborok- It is cooked without oil. But it is very tasty.
4. Awanduru- This curry is cooked with zero oil
5. Besides Berma bwtwi, Aa ikjak, Aa sakjak etc are the traditional food of Jamatia community.
You can learn all these methods of food curry from youtube videos.

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The traditional dresses  of Jamatia community are Dhuti, Riknai, Risa, half- sleeve of white ganjee etc. The man wears dhuti and half sleeve ganjee and woman wears Risa and Riknai. In the winter season, both man and woman use Chadar. But the self-claimed modern people are imitating others cultire, food, dress etc.


Generally, the marriage ceremony takes place at the bridegroom's residence. A day before of marriage date, the bridegroom has to send his people with a group of a band party to bring a new bride.  They decorate the new bride with different beautiful attire. All the expenditures are beared by the bride groom's party. No dowry is paid by the bride's party to the bridegroom. If the bride's parents want to give something, they have to take special permission from Jamatia Hoda.

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