CBSE Result, Don Bosco School


Antony Debbarma from Don Bosco school, Agartala scored 95.6% in AISSCE CBSE Examination result -2019 from Science stream.

A reporter asked- How do you study for your exam?

Antony- I study to acquire knowledge. I do not study to compete with others.

Reporter-- How many hours do you study?

Antony-- I study for 2/3 hours daily, of course, I have to study 4/5 hours two months before my examination for revision.

Reporter-- How old are you?

Antony-- I am 18 years old.

Reporter-- Many Tripury teenagers are addicted to drugs, tablet etc. Have you ever seen any teenager taking drugs?

Antony-- Yes, I have seen many times. I feel disgusted.  Drugs, tablets harm our health, we all know if we use it once, we can not give it up. I can not understand why the people are taking drugs.

Reporter-- Many Tripurasa are fond of expensive Bikes like KTM, AVENGER etc.
Do you want a Bike?

Antony-- No, I think, it's not the time for me to ride Bike. My father is spending much money to teach us. So, I don't want to increase his expenditure.

Then the reporter asked Antony's father who is a branch manager of Cooperative Bank-- Your son scored 95.6%,
how do you feel now?

Father-- I feel very happy. I am proud of him.

Reporter--Many parents are complaining us that they can't control their sons. How do you control your son?

Father-- I have seen both village life and city life. We came from Simna. For job purpose, I came here and made a small house. Many tripury students(village/ town) are taking intoxication and spoiling their lives. Girls and boys are intermingling, we can see in markets, restaurants, playgrounds  etc. They are getting married immature. Under the circumstances, I felt, my son also may fall into bad company.

  I made a routine to reach him tuition and I picked up him in time from tuition. Being a bank employee, I don't have much free time, but I always try to remain with my son. After school, he is always with me. If he needs notes, materials from his friends I accompany him.

Reporter--As a educated person, we should do something for the society or not, what do you think?

Father-- Of course, and we are discussing about it. And we should start from our own home. So, I am doing...

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