A Story of an Old man and woman

Old man, woman, monkey, arum leaves

Once there lived a poor old man with his wife in open big space below the hill which was a little distance from the village. They had no children. They fully depended on the Jhum cultivation. Every year the old man made a large jhum cultivation in the nearby forest. He grew crops and vegetables. Selling the crops and vegetable, he earned money and managed a squire meal a day.

    One day, the old man along with his wife went to their Jhum field to plant arum seeds in order to have arum leaves in future. There a group of monkey was sitting on the branches of the tree just above their Jhum field. When they were planting arum seeds, one of the monkeys came forward and said, -

"O grandfather and grandmother, arum seed should not be planted in this method, it will not germinate all or it will not sprout well. Listen to me, I will teach you the method of planting arum seeds.--

First, boil it well then pack it with banana leaves. After that you plant it. After three days, it will begin to grow."

The old man thought, " As they are living in the jungle, they will know the method better than us. I should go with their idea". The old man and old woman came back home without planting the seed. They boiled the seed then packed it with banana leaves. They went their to plant the boiling seed.

The monkeys -
Did you boil the seed, grandfather?

Grandfather- Yes.

The monkey-  Now plant it. It will grow after three days.

When the old man and old woman went home, all the monkeys came down and ate up all the boiled seed opening the packets. After eating all the seeds, the monkeys brought many wild arums from the forest and planted there. The wild arums were almost similar in colour and in shape but these leaves could not be eaten.

  After three days, the old man with his wife went there to check their seed. Seeing the fresh and nice leaves of the arums, they wondered and said, " The monkeys are right. They know the method better than us.We should not tell the villagers about the new method." They looked for the monkeys to say them 'Thank You'. The monkeys were not found there. The old woman wanted to pluck some leaves but her husband resisted her by saying- "we will pluck these leaves later and sell them in high price. I hesitated to pluck the leaves now".

  Anyhow, they brought some leaves at home for themselves and cooked it. After taking a bath, the old man was ready to take lunch. When he put the curry into his mouth, he felt itchy throat. He could not swallow the food. Immediately, his mouth began to swell and he became restless.

   He thought, " These leaves are of wild arum. The monkeys flattered me."  He went to his Jhum field again to look into the leaves well. He saw that all the leaves were withering. The old man's whole body was shivering in anger.

  He planned to kill all the monkeys. And his wife was also ready to help him. The old man was pretending to be dead lying on the floor. And the old man was crying the whole day sitting beside her husband. Hearing the cry of the old woman, the monkeys came there and asked the old woman, " Why are you crying? And what happened to grandfather?"

She replied, " Your grandfather is no more."

All the monkeys came inside the house. The old woman started to close the door.
The monkeys asked, " Why are you closing the door and windows, grandmother?"

‌She replied, " I am closing the door to prevent the bee and fly to enter the room."

After the old woman closed the doors and windows, the old man suddenly stood up with his big lathi and began to kill the monkeys one by one. The monkeys were scattered everywhere, some of them climbed up the ceiling. Some hid behind the trunk box.  But the old man was finding out one by one and killing them. He saw one monkey inside a folded quilt. The monkey begged for his life. The old woman felt pity for the monkey. But her husband did not spare the monkey's life. He said to his wife, " Is any monkey left?" He took a rest for a while after killing many monkeys. He threw all the bodies of the monkeys.

In the evening when the old woman opened the trunk box, she saw another monkey inside the box. The monkey was shivering in fear. The monkey said, " Please don't kill me. I will stay with you since I have no friends. I will serve you entire my life. I will cook for you. On the other hand, the woman was feeling pity for the monkey and also resisting him. So, the old man did not kill the monkey and allowed him to stay with them.
   The monkey won the trust of the old man. Suddenly, the woman got pregnant after long years of their marriage. She gave birth to a baby boy. They were intensely happy. They thought that their luck was changing due to the monkey's staying with them. So, they took care of the monkey much more than before. They gave the responsibility to the monkey to take care of the baby.
     After the birth of their baby, they made Jhum cultivation in front of their house. They did not go far for Jhum cultivation. The monkey was seeking for a good chance to take revenge of their parents, brothers, sisters and friends. When they were working, the monkey poked the baby with his sharp nail and made the baby cry purposely. When the baby cried, the woman asked, "What happen? Why is the baby crying?"

 The monkey replied, " He wants to eat chicken".

The woman--" kill a big cock". The monkey beat the baby again to make him cry.

The woman-"Why is he crying?"

 The monkey-" He wants to play with a Pitcher."

 The woman -" Give it to him."

 The monkey broke it with a big lathi. In this way, the monkey was ruining their properties.

Eventually, the monkey killed the baby pouring hot boiled water and went away.

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