Sena Puja


Sena puja is celebrated on the day of the image of the Garia is immersed. Sena puja means Mailwma and Khwlwma puja. They are female deities. Mailwma is the deity of crops and Khwlwma is the deity of cotton. It is believed that Garia, the supreme God of Jamatia confers his responsibilities to Mailwma and Khwlwma to take care of his devotees.
     For the performance of the Mailwma and khwlwma puja, two earthen pots are filled with newly harvested rice. The pots are decorated with hand made cotton. These earthen pots are placed in a neat and clean portion of the house. All the Jamatia Hindu families perform sena puja after the immersion of the image of Garia. Flower and light candles are placed sincerely in front of the pots of Mailwma and Khwlwma. Different types of eatables made with corn flour, sugar, flour etc are offered to both deities.
    After the Puja is over, the Jamatias visit the houses of their neighbours, friends, and relatives. And every household welcomes their neighbours friends and serves them with Awanbura ( propitiousness). Particularly, teenagers await for the sena every year eagerly.

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