Early Marriage( a big Mistake)

Early Marriage ( A big mistake)
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 Early Marriage is the main reason for my miserable life.H I,I am Rahul,a forsaken husband. My father is a police constable, mother a house wife. I am a youngest son of my parents. My parents care for me much more than my siblings. They are all graduate but I became a class X failed unemployed man.

   As far back as I remember I became unruly after class IX. I fell into bad company. Everyday I went out to meet my friends, most of them are from govt employee families. We met twice in a day. After breakfast in the morning I went out and made a call to my friends and met in a secluded place. We did nothing there, just nonsense talk happened in the beginning but slowly we began to take intoxication. We smoked cigarette and took kheni. Later we also began to drink wine. In the evening after school again we met in the same place. We never talked about our bright future, we talked about girl, sex, orchestra, Mela, disco, restaurant etc.
    Gradually, I lost interest in school. My mother scolded me but I did not listen to her. I couldn't stay at home. It was impossible for me to pass a day without meeting my friends. I don't know what an intoxication it was!
   If we get any information of an orchestra, Mela etc, we never miss it. Before going to the orchestra function, we planned to do false romance with the girls just to have sex. All my friends were not virgin. I was the one who was a pure virgin. They always talked about how they got it and what happened. So, I also desire to have it once. And my friends fell pity for me because I had no a physical contact yet. They were all ready to help me get sex.
   One night, I proposed a girl in a Mela( village fair). I was surprised that she accepted my proposal without knowing me well and she gave me everything. Then we talked over the phone some days. I began to fall in love with her. But later when I got another number of a girl and made a chat, I started ignoring her. But she was very clever because she was deceived by other guys many times. She threatened me if I left her she would commit suicide. But I ignored her.

    One day, she without telling me anything came to my house and denied to go back home. All the villagers got to know about it. I felt shy a little. I could send her back but my mother did not want to send her back. Some of my friends got married in my village. So I did not oppose it. I found it one of my fun . So I got married at the age of 19 and at that time her age was 18.

   I stopped going to school. I didn't know how to cope with new responsibilities and how to deal with new people. I and my spouse were not financially settled. So, I had a hard time managing even the basic necessities of life. Because my parents expected me to bear my expenditures on my own. Before marriage, my parents would bear my responsibilities and my expenditures. But after marriage, they showed me hesitation to give me money. So, quarrel created time to time between husband and wife. I told my father to arrange a business for me. He asked me, " What do you want to do?" I couldn't answer because I knew nothing. My father suggested me to sell a fish but I felt shy, I wanted to drive a car but I didn't know driving.

   Before marriage, I had enjoyed cozy time in the orchestra, disco, Mela and in a secluded place with my friends. These same habits created a huge fight between us after marriage. My wife expected me to become a responsible husband. She wanted me to stay more at home. But I would demand a lot of fun. My wife was always busy with taking care of my parents.

  After one year of our marriage, she gave a birth to a baby boy. I was happy to see my son. And I decided to become a responsible father and a good husband. But I was addicted to drinking wine. I forgot everything. Besides,I had a relationship with another girl for which my wife broke my mobile set down. But after taking new mobile set,it continued and I had many girl's mobile numbers. So, a fight would start. It happened again and again. Eventually, my wife went to her parent's home taking my baby. I requested her to come back but she denied. Even my parents also went there to bring her back but she refused to come. Then I realised my mistake. Coming home drunk and late, relationship with other girls, lack of money were the reasons for the quarrel between us. And I gave up all my bad habits. My father bought me a maturity car and I am learning driving. It's been 14 months but my wife did not yet come back to me. I believe one day she will return.

   Early Marriage is the main reason for my miserable life. Due to immature, I did not know how to cope with new responsibilities that came along with marriage for which my wife ran away. Due to getting married early, I had to drop out in class X. Falling into bad company/ staying with unruly friends is also another reason for getting ruined my future.

 If I wouldn't have married early, at least I could pass the matric exam and there was a chance to overcome from bad company.

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