4 Failure Stories You must Read.


1. The real meaning of education.

    Hi, I am 32 years woman, housewife. I understood the true meaning of education. From childhood, I was taught by mother that if I didn't study, I would not have a good husband means govt employee husband. So I studied for getting a good husband not for becoming an educated girl.
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   I was born into a middle-class family, a very conservative family. My father worked in the police department. He passed away five years ago. My father was very disciplinarian. My mother was a housewife. And she is a negative thinker personality. I was not allowed to move freely. Even all my attire, dresses were chosen by my mother. My father also did not like fashion. In spite of loving fashion, I had to remain always in a simple dress. The people said I was pretty. And I also considered myself beautiful when I was proposed the first time by a Class XI student. At that time, I was at 14 years old studying in class IX. I was not exaggerating that before my metric examination total seven guys proposed me. I turned down all their proposals because my ambition was to have a govt employee husband. Because I was always threatened by my mother that if I didn't get married to an employee, I had to work in the field which I disliked much. So, at anyhow any cost I wanted a good employee husband.
   I was taught that generally, the govt employee people preferred college going girls with face beauty. So, I thought my face beauty was enough, I required only to reach college. So, I studied to pass the exam. I focused on how to achieve marks. I never bothered to understand well the topics given to us. Even after the matric examination, I could not write an English sentence properly. Because I could not understand what is tense, what is active voice passive voice, direct and indirect narration etc. Not only in English but in all subjects I was very poor. I studied in a reputed Bengali Medium School. Getting a proposal again again from the guys from different places, my ego increased. I began to think more and more how to attract the boys. On the other hand, my mother also allowed me to do fashion when I passed the matric examination. I was not serious in study. So, I failed the examinations three times - once in class X, class -XI and Twelve final exams, to reach college. Ultimately, I reached college. I took admission in one of the best colleges in Agartala ( The capital of Tripura).
   There I felt shy because most of my college mates were modern girls, their style, haircut dress etc were totally different from mine, they talked our mother tongue language but they always mixed English words which I could not understand. I realised the value of education for the first time in my life. I felt very small before my college mates. Sometimes, I along with my college friends went to restaurants, market, parks etc. At that time they often used English words to say something. One day one of my friends told me to throw the peel of banana into Dustbin. But I could not understand the meaning of Dustbin. Because we used to call it in our local language. There were many instances like this in my life that I could not understand due to lack of my knowledge. Because I did not study to acquire knowledge, I study to be capable of having a govt employee husband. From childhood, I prayed to God to get an employee husband. I never prayed to God for getting a job. After meeting my college friends I realised the true meaning of education. Unlearned people have to face a lot of humiliations in their daily life.
     There was a lot of difference between the village and the city. I was learning lifestyle slowly and slowly. My friends could not ignore me because of my face beauty as well as my attractive slim figure. One day, suddenly, one of my friends told me that some boys were crazy of me. Hearing such appreciation, I felt proud and I overcame from my feeling of inferiority.
   After one year of my college, a guy proposed to me. But I rejected him. Then another one who was very gentle, talented and handsome proposed to me. Many girls liked him." Me too". I loved him from the bottom of my heart.  But keeping a stone on my heart, I rejected him because he had no job. Some of my friends advised me to accept his proposal. I denied. Most of my girlfriends had their boyfriends. And some of them were not virgin. But I was a pure virgin. Sometimes, hearing their romantic love stories, my hearts also melted and I also wanted to fall in love. But my inculcation of my mother prevented me from doing/thinking such things.
   On the other hand, my parents were looking a bridegroom for me because I reached to 23 years old. Without informing me, my parents arranged a marriage talk with a military man whose qualification is class X. I didn't agree. But my mother told me that nowadays its very difficult to get a govt employee husband. My mother said, "You are lucky". She insisted me to accept the marriage proposal. But I thought how could a college-going girl marry an uneducated man. It's disgusting. I tried to make understand my mother. 

But she said, --
"Go and bring an educated govt employee person, I will get you married with him".
My mother said it was impossible to get a bridegroom who was perfect from all sides. She said that we took a decision for your goodness. My mother threatened me that If I did not carry out them, my entire life would be full of sorrow. It shook my heart. So, I agreed. Next month marriage date would be fixed. All my friends got to know about it, most of them criticised me. Some of them called me avaricious. I cried a lot at night.
  I was running into trouble. At that time a woman who along with his husband and a cute son stayed next to our room in Agartala told me, " You are a college student, If you marry an uneducated man, your thinking, decision, intention etc will be unmatched, your life would be full of humiliation, shame and misery. You have to digest all insults, embarrassment in your entire life". She also advised me to choose a handsome college student. She said," Don't run after money, If you have luck, both of you will have a job in future". Then I remembered that handsome college student who proposed me once. The woman whom I called her elder sister opened my eyes. I thought, due to my ignorance or lack of knowledge I had to digest many insults before my friends. I didn't want to bear such insults any more in my life. Because I understood the real meaning of education. So, I took a strong decision that I would not marry with that military uneducated guy. I sent my friend to that handsome, honest, talented college student who were preparing his last year college exam. I told my friend to tell him--
"If you really love me, come and meet me.waiting...."
He came to my rent house in the evening at 4:30 pm.with blue jeans and a black t-shirt. "Wow! I what a handsome he is!." He directly asked me, " Why do you call me? I heard you are going to marry, your marriage is fixed". I told him everything that my parents wanted to get me married against my will. 


I do not love him.
"Why didn't you accept my proposal?", he asked."
I am testing you how much you love me", I said.
He said, " I really love you".
"My father does not like such love, romance and relationship. You have to marry me this year, " I said.
"I need more three years", he said.

   Then I went to the home and told my mother that I had a boyfriend. I told my decision to mom. She was angry at me. She did not want to get me married to a jobless person. Somehow that military man got to know that I had a boyfriend.
   My mother said, " You are doing wrong, if you don't want to marry a military person, it's ok, we will tell them. But I will not let you do romance with boys. These are bad things. He will leave you, then no one will marry you". All my relatives pressurised me once again to marry that uneducated man. Being compelled I had to agree to marry. And my father did not allow me to go to Agartala. Mother invited them to come for a marriage talk. And my father applied for a loan in a bank for my marriage. It was finalised that after getting money from the bank my marriage date would be fixed. But it needed two/three months to complete my father's loan sanction.
   I wrote a message with shaking hands to my boyfriend--
"Please forget me. Don't ask me anything".
 Then I kept my mobile switched off for two days. When I opened my mobile, I got 8 times miss call. But he didn't come to my house. Our college was also closed for one month due to vacation. So we did not see each other. I was waiting for his call, but he didn't call me.
  Our college reopened, I went to college from the village. I saw him in college. He ignored me, he did not come to talk to me. He stayed away from me. It hurt me. I was dying when I saw him roaming with another girl in the college library, canteen even in the park. My heart did not allow me to go him away. The whole night I thought deeply and I took the decision that I would marry him(boyfriend). And I agreed to sacrifice anything for him. When I was in school, I dreamed of having a govt employee husband. But now after understanding the value of education I wanted only an educated husband. Besides, I fell in love with my boyfriend. So I was ready to work in the field.
  I told my parents that I would not marry that military man. I wanted to complete my graduation. But I concealed my relation with my boyfriend. Secretly we were doing romance. Luck favoured me that after two years of our romance when he was doing a master degree, he got a govt job. I had no words how happy I was!  I thanked God a thousand times.
 Eventually, I told my mom and they all agreed. And I also completed my graduation. Next year We got married pompously. My husband is nice and caring. And we are respected by our neighbours as a educated family. I got a family which I dreamed of having in my life.
After marriage, I had to bear the embarrassment due to lack of knowledge. Because in my law house all the family members and his relatives are educated. I studied for having a good husband not for acquiring knowledge which was my big mistake. I understood the true meaning of education.

2. Failure Stories of Amit Tripura

   Hi, I am Amit Tripura, 38 years businessman. Let me share you one of my failure stories. I could not pass the Higher secondary examination after attempting two times due to falling into bad company.
Actually, I was very obedient in childhood. I would respect my parents, elders and teachers. No teacher was not there in our school who did not know my name. One day, I along with my father went to one of our neighbour's house. I called him uncle who is holding B.D.O post. He tested my knowledge by asking a different type of questions such as English poem, Gk, about our principles and class teachers etc. I could satisfy and made him laugh answering all his questions. I still remember what he said to my father, "Your son is not an ordinary boy". According to my mother, I was very disciplinarian, my mother did not need to remind me to go to school, private tuition etc. But very slowly, I was becoming disobedient with my age growth. I don't remember when and how I became naughty.  
     I could not achieve good marks in the matric examination. After class XI, I became uncontrollable to my parents. It was impossible that I could not go out in the evening to gossip with friends. It seemed to me that if I was offered 1 lakh rupees in exchange for remaining at home whole day, I was ready to reject one lakh rupees. We used to go to the river bank. We did nothing there except nonsense talk.
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       In class XI,I could pass the exam with poor marks. But I failed in the test exam of class XII for the first time in my life. I felt upset for a few days and decided to study well but after two months have gone I forgot everything. Next year I could manage to clear the test examination. But I failed in the final examination of higher secondary (class XII). I attempted two times but could not clear it. Feeling shy, I left school and started a business.
 At present days my acquaintance is I am a shopkeeper.

3. A failure story of R.Jamatia

     I appeared in TCS (Tripura civil service) competitive examination 5 times but failed. Why? ....
After graduation, I filled up an application without preparation just for having question papers. I scored 36% marks in the first attempt. It required above 55% marks to qualify the exam. I was satisfied with the mark because I wrote the exam without preparation.  TCS exam is conducted once in a year. So, I started to read with a strong determination. First, I downloaded the syllabus and started collecting materials. But after Two to three months, gradually I would neglect my study. So, my preparation for that exam was not well. I scored 42% marks in the second attempt. I was sad. I realised my fault. I started to study again with strong determination. But my determination did not last long. After studying two/three months regularly, I did not continue my study. If I heard the success stories of my neighbours, relatives etc, I got an inspiration and I began to study again. But I forgot all after some days passed. My marks decreased, I attained only 39% in my 3rd attempt. It disappointed me a lot.
     I had another weak point.  I am a business minded personality. From class XII, I started to do small businesses. It hampered my study. It reminds me the story of Mahabharata--
‌" Dronacharya placed a wooden bird on a branch and decided to put everyone through a simple test. He gathered all his subjects and asked them to strike the eye of the wooden bird. But before letting them set their arrows loose, he asked each one of them a question.  He first called and asked Yudhisthir, the eldest of the lot: '' What do you see there?'' To which Yudhishthir replied, "I see a wooden bird, the branch and the tree, the leaves moving and other birds."Everyone else who followed also mentioned the same elements: tree, branch, bird, leaves etc. and Dronacharya asked them all to lay down their bow & arrow. When it was Arjuna's turn, he confidently stated:
"I can only see the eye of the bird."
Everyone else had set their eyes on everything but Arjuna had set his eyes on his goal, the eye of the bird".
    I am regret to tell you that I wrote TCS competitive exam five times but failed due to above-mentioned reasons.
   I share my failure story so that you can learn something from my story and I am sure it will help you to achieve your goal.
4. A failure story of Madhabi Murasing
( fail in joint entrance examination)

 ‌     Hi, I am Madhabi Jamatia, 27 years old a teacher in a private school in science subject. Being a village girl, I prefer simplicity. I am an innocent girl. I always remain to stay at home. And I enjoy reading Holy books such as Mahabharata, Ramayana, Shakuntalam and the history of India and other countries. So I prefer arts subject to science subject. But my father admitted me in science streams after my matric examination. I did not oppose my father. Because I was born to a very conservative family where good daughters never say" NO" to their parents. Besides, most of my friends took science streams in class XI.
    But father thought that I was obedient and did not move anywhere so it would not be possible for me to tackle science subject. But I did not enjoy reading Biology, Chemistry etc. I had no interest in science subjects. But what to do? I had to work very hard to complete graduation. After higher secondary examination, I wrote the joint entrance exam. Due to the lack of knowledge in science, I was not selected. Thank God, I could manage to complete the graduation. But my mark was not satisfactory.
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    The story seems to be realistic and it would be good if we can publish this story as a Film.

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