Why I Left College(a Mistake Story)

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        Why I left college, a mistake story

      Written by--BK Jamatia
      Why I Left College, Mistake Story.   I am  Ferang Jamatia. I was born into a very poor family. We are four brothers. I am the eldest child in my family. My father is a daily worker and mother housewife. I dropped out of college that was my big mistake in my life.
      According to my parents and neighbours, I was extraordinary, I could say some words of my mother tongue language such as Twi( water), Mai(food), ama(mother)etc.at eight months old. And the people said that I was a brilliant student. I was loved and cared for by the teachers when I was in Primary school which is only 1km away from my home. I could score 5th/6th rank without a tuition teacher.
     After 5th standard, I had to take admission in H/S school which is 5 km far from my village. I still remember how hard shipped it was for me because I had to go to school on foot where most of the students would go to school by bicycle. Sometimes I requested my friends who rode a bicycle to take me. I had to face humiliation many times for it in my school life.
     My father could not afford the tuition teacher for me. So,  I had to trouble a lot to get the notes if I remained absent in the class. Some of my friends were jealous, the were reluctant to give me their notes. I told my mother about it, then she went to my friends and asked notes for me. Being compelled they had to give their notes to me.

    Some school teachers did not explain well in the class. So I felt difficult to get the point. I pressurised my father to accommodate a tuition teacher for me. I went to private tutors house but my father could not pay tuition fees in time/per month. Being shy I left the tuition. In such a away I completed class XII.
    I was compelled to go to the city to go to college as there was no degree college in our area. Now it was not possible to go to college on foot and not possible to accommodate a rented house. So, I had decided to attend college from the village by public bus the fare was Rs.20. I needed Rs.40 daily. My father could not give me daily. So I attended the class thrice in a week. Because my three brothers were also studying in the village. My relatives also did not help us. My uncle and aunt were both govt employee and they have Bike,car etc. But They are very selfish.

    I had seen many students who used to come college by motor Bike and spend 100/ 200 rupees daily in restaurants. On the other hand, If I spent 10 rupees, I could not return home. So, I stayed away from my friends. Sometimes I shed tears sitting alone at home.
   My friends came to college wearing a new dress, shoe etc. I felt shy. They would go to the park, picnic together. They proposed me to accompany them but I denied every time because of no money. I did not let them know that I had no money in my pocket. Sometimes I was criticised that I did not know how to deal with my friends. I prayed to God every day to bless our family but he did not hear my prayer. Even we were becoming poorer and poorer. Suddenly My mother got sick and she needed an operation in govt hospital for which I could not attend college for one month. Being frustrated, my father told us that he could not teach us any longer. But I knew that he did not say it from his heart but out of anger. But I took the decision to leave the college to support my father and teach my younger brothers. I started working in Brick manufacturing centre. I worked very hard so that my brothers should not feel shy like me. But they were not good at study.

     I dreamed that my younger brothers would achieve a higher degree and get a good job. And they would provide a satisfactory life to my parents. But my all dreams got shattered when my brother, second son of my father brought a girl and the third son dropped out of the school falling into bad company. If I knew that such a situation would arise, I never left college. My youngest brother is studying in class --Class IX. He is our last hope.

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