The Importance of Taking Risks in Life ( A Story)


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The importance of taking risks in life.

A mistake by Kamal Debbarma
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    The Importance of Taking Risk in Life. Hi, friends, I am Kamal Debbarma, 45 years old, a middle-aged man. Here, I will tell you how I did a mistake for not taking a risk in life. A golden opportunity came once in my life, but I missed it for not having courage. From childhood, I was interested in sports -- football, cricket, basketball and so on. Particularly, I love football. From 10/11 years I began to play football. Apart from this, I played all the games played in our country. And I got many certificates to the state school level, district level, state level and national level as well as achieved a good name in the field of sport.
       Being a son of the poor family, I always kept in mind about income source so that I could help my father financially to manage the family expenditure. I was in a hurry to get a govt job. So after matric examination, I left home and went to Bangalore in search of work getting inspiration from one of my friends. Because I knew myself that it would be impossible for me to complete graduation. I could reach up to class XI getting a privilege from sports. Those students who would play games were given extra marks. In such a way, I could pass the examination. I worked in Bangalore for 7(seven) years in the hotel, restaurant and at the last in private company. I could send a little money to my father every month. At that time suddenly one of my co-workers who was a Muslim proposed to me to go to Dubai. He told me that his uncle was working in Dubai and earning more than double what we were earning in India. But I did not accept his proposal because I had no courage to take a risk. I did not agree for the following reasons--
1. I did not want to lose Job taking the risk. I thought if I did not get a comfortable job going to Dubai,  I had to come back in India. I might lose in a private company too.

2. I didn't trust my friends completely.

3. I was scared of going outside India.

4. I was confused.

     My co-worker went to Dubai alone. I did not take the risk. After one year I came to my village and got married. After the marriage, my wife and my father in law did not allow me to go to Bangalore again by saying that what I was earning there could be earned staying in the village. And my father--in- law was ready to help me financially to start a business.  I agreed and started a business in my village. Because I also wanted to remain with my parents and relatives. But I can not progress in life.
The proposal of my co-worker was my golden opportunity. That my friend who went to Dubai became a Crore Patti (million). I realised if I had gone there with my friend, I could also become at least a Lakh Patti.
     My friend is still inviting me but I can't because now I have two children. Now I am above 50 years of age and I have many responsibilities in my family.

I learnt a lesson --
  "Every one should take a risk in life but it should be calculated".

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