4 Failure Stories That Will Inspire You a Lot.

1. Failure story of Thomas
Taking a Step Back is Better than Spoiling your life.

Hi,  I am Thomas Jamatia, 44 years old. I'm going to Share you how I did mistake choosing science streams after madhyamik examination. 

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Taking a step back is better than spoiling your life.

     I was born into a middle-class family. My father was a school teacher. I have two sisters, I have no brother. My parents cared for me too much as I am an only son of them. I was neither good nor bad student. I was interested in playing. I used to play football, cricket, badminton etc. My father allowed me to play games but he often told me to focus on my study. He used to say, " Without education nothing can be achieved".

   I was not good student but I would stay with topper students in school. I played many games such as football, cricket, ballibal, badminton etc in an inter-school competition. So all the teachers knew me well in school. When I was in class IX, I started learning a martial art. I got interested in it. My father did not prevent me. I was living my life with full enthusiasm.

   But these happy days did not last long. After madhyamik examination, when I decided to take science streams in class XI admission, my father strongly opposed my decision, for I secured only 58 % (higher second division) in TBSE madhyamik examination. My father wanted me to take arts or commerce streams. But I was stubborn by nature. Actually, I wanted to take science streams because all my close friends took science streams. I insisted on my father for it. Eventually, my father allowed me to take science streams.

     Gradually I had to give up playing games due tothe  the pressure of my study. After three to four months attending class, I began to realise my mistake choosing science streams because I couldn't understand anything, especially physics and chemistry were very tough to me. But I didn't convey it to my father in fear of being reprimanded. I started collecting ready-made notes and learnt it by heart. But I did not enjoy studying science.

     In the half-yearly examination, I could attain only 51% where all my friends scored above 70%. But my father was happy because he did not expect me that I would score above 50 %. My mother was also happy. But on the other hand, I felt suffocated. No one understood my condition. When our teacher explained some topics in the class, other students got the point very quickly. But I did not understand, I just pretended to know all. Coming back to my home, sometimes I had to cry sitting on my study table. My parents did not notice it.

    Just before the two months of my annual exam (class XI), I was at my study room, the time was 11: 30 pm I took a decision that I would not write an examination of class XI. I would take commerce streams afresh. I tied up all my books together and kept it in the almirah. My father, mother, sisters and all my relatives except my uncle were against my decision. My father said to me, "What happens now? When I told you to take commerce or arts streams, you did not listen to me. Now suddenly why did you change your mind? Why do you want to waste your one year time? No need to study more". 

  No one was ready to listen to me. Then my uncle came forward and asked me gently. I told everything to my uncle that I did not get the science subject, it seemed to me that I was ruining my life. I could clear class XI result but in class XII, I had to run into trouble again. So I wanted to leave it. Getting my point my uncle said to my parents, —"A 17 years boy has taken a big decision and he put his all books in the almirah, there may be a big reason behind that. We should think deeply about it. We should stand by him. 

   Ultimately my father agreed to admit me in commerce streams. At that time I felt that I escaped from the jail. I began to sing a song again in the bathroom. Actually, I am a bathroom singer. I sing a song if I don't have any tension. Again I went to the field in the evening time. I scored 75 % in the higher secondary examination. I completed B. Com and M. Com with good result.

  Now I work as a commerce teacher in a reputed govt school. Besides, after school, at night I work in a private finance company as a part-time job. I earn enough money from that company.

   Taking a step back could help you to choosea  proper career.

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2. Life is a Struggle

    Hi, I am Bikash Reang, 52 years age, let me share my story.  I was born to an incredible amazing parents. My father was a govt employee and mother was a house wife. My mother was very humble and generous.
     I was the first born and as far back as I remember I could make my parents proud and happy by scoring top rank in all the examinations from class IV to class IX.
    My sister was born a few years later. And we were both given equal opportunities. I was good at mathematics. When I was studying in class VII, I could solve math problems of class VIII . I still remember some students from my village often came to me to get their math problems done. Sometimes my mother scolded me because without doing my homeworks, I helped others. I consider myself a humanitarian by nature as I think all of us are. I couldn't say "No" to them who came to me for help.
     I was 15+ studying in class IX  when my mother was diagnosed with fatal disease (cancer). Father had to take my mother outside our state for better treatment. In the absence of my parents, my aunt took care of us. I thank my aunt a lot for her kindness. I couldn't study properly in tension. Mother had to go outside the state three times. Father took us once and we stayed there 22 days. In this condition I appeared in Matric examination and I got only 68% because I  couldn't attend school and tuition regularly. Mother fought with cancer for one year seven months. But ultimately she got defeated and passed away. I was in class XI.
    I felt a loss so deep that I can't describe it in words. At that time I felt homeless losing my mother. Till today if I remember my mother, my tears scroll down. I know no one will ever love me like my mom did with all my faults. I still remember she would always tell me how handsome I was or I had nice legs and face.

    I could not write the final exam of class XI. I was failed in class eleven. Next year I cleared the class XI result. And my class mates went to college. Some of them got chance in good institution outside our state. All my dreams got shattered. I felt grieved not because they went to college but they who came to me asking help for their maths problems in class VIII and IX avoided me. They did not talk to me. I felt upset.
    One day I closed the door and sat in my room for five hours. My father was not at home, he was in his office. Getting worried, my younger sister knocked the door as I did not eat anything. I did not respond her. So she phoned my father and called our neighbours. Actually I was thinking deep to choose my career. Within a minute the neighbours assembled at our house and they knocked the door. Even they tried to break the door. Then I opened the door. They asked me the reason but I did not say anything. At night I told my father that I wanted to drop out of school. I wanted to be admitted in PTI college. I wanted to be engineer. At that time Madhyamik pass with 60 % marks was enough to get admission in PTI college. I clearly remember, hearing my decision what my father said.
 He said, "Madhyamik passed students go there, you are now in class XII. If you go there, you have to study with much younger than you". "So what " I said.
   I said to my father," I don't care they are my younger or not, I don't care they are girls or boys. My ambition is to be engineer. My focus will be only on engineering. I am ready to bear any type of humiliations to pursue engineering".
   My father wondered seeing my strong determination. I had been admitted in PTI college. I had to tolerate ragging. Some students left the college due to ragging. I could not study well for being ragged. The bitter memories still jolt me sometimes. But these things could not prevent me in pursuing engineer. I completed electrical engineer(Diploma) with good marks. And then I appeared in NERIST join entrance examination. Only Two seats were available from our state. I was selected and got chance to study a in NERIST. Now I work in high-rank post.

3. My Mother Too Much Affection/ Love; A Big Mistake

       Mother's love/Affection is truly incomparable. It's the purest form of affection. Parental love enhances the wellbeing and development of children. Science supports the idea that warmth and affection expressed by parents to their children results in life long positive outcome for those children. 
          On the other hand, children who do not have affectionate parents tend to have lower self-esteem and to feel more alienated, hostile, aggressive and anti-social. 
     But my mother's too much affection to her children hampered me to build a bright career.
     I am Kamal, 35 years old. We are two brothers. I am younger, my mother loves me more than my elder brother. I am 5 feet 8 inches in height and physically fit. I used to play football. After getting promotion in class XII, I got a chance in hotel management course in outside Tripura, the North Eastern state of India. I wanted to go there. But my mother prevented me to go outside Tripura. I  didn't want to stay away from my parents but I loved to visit new places. And I was eager to study outside. But my mother did not want to send me outside our state. I sacrificed my happiness for my mother.
      When I was in college, my friends proposed me to take part in an  Indian army recruitment rally. Without informing my parents, I along with my four friends went there and took part in a rally. I could clear all the tests as I was physically fit. And I was selected. My friend Bikash also got the selection. But unfortunately, my other three friends could not clear the tests and do not get the selection. After one and half months we both got a job offer.
      Again my mother did not allow me to join the Indian army. She didn't want me to stay away from her. My father did not say anything. My mother always took the decision. But my friend Bikash accepted the job and joined the Indian army. Our neighbours criticised me by saying that "others people did not get the selection and you do not want to go there after getting selection". My mother said, "No problem, as long as I live, my children will not die of hunger. My heart do not want to send my son away from me". I had to respect my mother's decision.
      Then I completed my graduation with poor marks and without honours degree. There were many graduate unemployed men in our village. To get a government job was very tough. I wrote civil service examination 4/5 times but due to lack of knowledge in English and GK/current affairs, every time I was rejected. I had faced many interviews of clerks, banks, in fishery dept. Forest Dept. etc. But I did not get a job. Because the government gave priority to the needy families and having good marks candidates. My elder brother is doing a job and we have some plots of land. And my marks are not good enough to compete with others. So I lost hope to get a job.
     Without a job, I got married. My elder brother purchased an Auto-rickshaw for me. Now I am an Auto-rickshaw driver.
     My friend  Bikash who joined the Indian army built a two storey beautiful house. 
    Now I realised that mother's love is incomparable but too much of her love turned my career.
 Yet I love my mother and I can sacrifice my life for my mother. And I am absolutely happy. Questions paper is different for each and every people in our life.  I have read that unconditional love and affection from a parent can make children emotionally happier and less anxious. This happens because their brain actually changes as a result of affection.
On the other hand, the negative impact of childhood abuse and lack of affection impacts children both mentally and physically. This can lead to all kinds of health and emotional problems throughout their lives. What's really fascinating is that scientists think parental affection can actually protect individuals against the harmful effects of childhood stress.
      A study out of the University of Notre Dame showed that children who receive affection from their parents were happier as adults. More than 600 adults were surveyed about how they were raised, including how much physical affection they had.
    The adults who reported receiving more affection in childhood displayed less depression and anxiety and were more compassionate overall. Those who reported less affection struggled with mental health, tended to be more upset in social situations, and were less able to relate to other people's perspectives.
     Researchers have also studied the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for infants.
This special interaction between mother and baby, in particular, helps calm babies so they cry less and sleep more. It has also been shown to boost brain development. According to an article in Scientific 
American, children who lived in a deprived environment like an orphanage had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who lived with their parents. Scientists believe that the lack of physical contact in the orphanages is a major factor in these physical changes.
     Starting in infancy, a parent can begin to massage their child, which can create a strong bond. Studies have shown children and adults who receive massage experience less anxiety during academic stress, hospital stays, and other stressful events.
Because of my mother's too much affection, I did not get a job.

4. Why I left college, a mistake story;


       I am  Ferang Jamatia. I was born into a very poor family. We are four brothers. I am the eldest child in my family. My father is a daily worker and mother housewife. I dropped out of college that was my big mistake in my life.

      According to my parents and neighbours, I was extraordinary, I could say some words of my mother tongue language such as Twi( water), Mai(food), ama(mother)etc.at eight months old. And the people said that I was a brilliant student. I was loved and cared for by the teachers when I was in Primary school which is only 1km away from my home. I could score 5th/6th rank without a tuition teacher.
     After 5th standard, I had to take admission in H/S school which is 5 km far from my village. I still remember how hard shipped it was for me because I had to go to school on foot where most of the students would go to school by bicycle. Sometimes I requested my friends who rode a bicycle to take me. I had to face humiliation many times for it in my school life.

     My father could not afford the tuition teacher for me. So,  I had to trouble a lot to get the notes if I remained absent in the class. Some of my friends were jealous, the were reluctant to give me their notes. I told my mother about it, then she went to my friends and asked notes for me. Being compelled they had to give their notes to me.
    Some school teachers did not explain well in the class. So I felt difficult to get the point. I pressurised my father to accommodate a tuition teacher for me. I went to private tutors house but my father could not pay tuition fees in time/per month. Being shy I left the tuition. In such a away I completed class XII.
    I was compelled to go to the city to go to college as there was no degree college in our area. Now it was not possible to go to college on foot and not possible to accommodate a rented house. So, I had decided to attend college from the village by public bus the fare was Rs.20. I needed Rs.40 daily. My father could not give me daily. So I attended the class thrice in a week. Because my three brothers were also studying in the village. My relatives also did not help us. My uncle and aunt were both govt employee and they have Bike,car etc. But They are very selfish.
    I had seen many students who used to come college by motor Bike and spend 100/ 200 rupees daily in restaurants. On the other hand, If I spent 10 rupees, I could not return home. So, I stayed away from my friends. Sometimes I shed tears sitting alone at home.

   My friends came to college wearing a new dress, shoe etc. I felt shy. They would go to the park, picnic together. They proposed me to accompany them but I denied every time because of no money. I did not let them know that I had no money in my pocket. Sometimes I was criticised that I did not know how to deal with my friends. I prayed to God every day to bless our family but he did not hear my prayer. Even we were becoming poorer and poorer. Suddenly My mother got sick and she needed an operation in govt hospital for which I could not attend college for one month. Being frustrated, my father told us that he could not teach us any longer. But I knew that he did not say it from his heart but out of anger. But I took the decision to leave the college to support my father and teach my younger brothers. I started working in Brick manufacturing centre. I worked very hard so that my brothers should not feel shy like me. But they were not good at study.
     I dreamed that my younger brothers would achieve a higher degree and get a good job. And they would provide a satisfactory life to my parents. But my all dreams got shattered when my brother, second son of my father brought a girl and the third son dropped out of the school falling into bad company. If I knew that such a situation would arise, I never left college. My youngest brother is studying in class --Class IX. He is our last hope.
   Thank you
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