A mistake Story of Thomas (Taking a step back to choose the right career)

Taking a Step Back is Better than Spoiling your life.
Hi,  I am Thomas Jamatia, 44 years old. I'm going to Share you how I did mistake choosing science streams after madhyamik examination. 

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Taking a step back is better than spoiling your life.

     I was born into a middle-class family. My father was a school teacher. I have two sisters, I have no brother. My parents cared for me too much as I am an only son of them. I was neither good nor bad student. I was interested in playing. I used to play football, cricket, badminton etc. My father allowed me to play games but he often told me to focus on my study. He used to say, " Without education nothing can be achieved".

   I was not good student but I would stay with topper students in school. I played many games such as football, cricket, ballibal, badminton etc in an inter-school competition. So all the teachers knew me well in school. When I was in class IX, I started learning a martial art. I got interested in it. My father did not prevent me. I was living my life with full enthusiasm.

   But these happy days did not last long. After madhyamik examination, when I decided to take science streams in class XI admission, my father strongly opposed my decision, for I secured only 58 % (higher second division) in TBSE madhyamik examination. My father wanted me to take arts or commerce streams. But I was stubborn by nature. Actually, I wanted to take science streams because all my close friends took science streams. I insisted on my father for it. Eventually, my father allowed me to take science streams.

     Gradually I had to give up playing games due tothe  the pressure of my study. After three to four months attending class, I began to realise my mistake choosing science streams because I couldn't understand anything, especially physics and chemistry were very tough to me. But I didn't convey it to my father in fear of being reprimanded. I started collecting ready-made notes and learnt it by heart. But I did not enjoy studying science.

     In the half-yearly examination, I could attain only 51% where all my friends scored above 70%. But my father was happy because he did not expect me that I would score above 50 %. My mother was also happy. But on the other hand, I felt suffocated. No one understood my condition. When our teacher explained some topics in the class, other students got the point very quickly. But I did not understand, I just pretended to know all. Coming back to my home, sometimes I had to cry sitting on my study table. My parents did not notice it.

    Just before the two months of my annual exam (class XI), I was at my study room, the time was 11: 30 pm I took a decision that I would not write an examination of class XI. I would take commerce streams afresh. I tied up all my books together and kept it in the almirah. My father, mother, sisters and all my relatives except my uncle were against my decision. My father said to me, "What happens now? When I told you to take commerce or arts streams, you did not listen to me. Now suddenly why did you change your mind? Why do you want to waste your one year time? No need to study more". 

  No one was ready to listen to me. Then my uncle came forward and asked me gently. I told everything to my uncle that I did not get the science subject, it seemed to me that I was ruining my life. I could clear class XI result but in class XII, I had to run into trouble again. So I wanted to leave it. Getting my point my uncle said to my parents, —"A 17 years boy has taken a big decision and he put his all books in the almirah, there may be a big reason behind that. We should think deeply about it. We should stand by him. 

   Ultimately my father agreed to admit me in commerce streams. At that time I felt that I escaped from the jail. I began to sing a song again in the bathroom. Actually, I am a bathroom singer. I sing a song if I don't have any tension. Again I went to the field in the evening time. I scored 75 % in the higher secondary examination. I completed B. Com and M. Com with good result.

  Now I work as a commerce teacher in a reputed govt school. Besides, after school, at night I work in a private finance company as a part-time job. I earn enough money from that company.

   Taking a step back could help you to choosea  proper career.

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