Life is a struggle ( A short story of Bikash Reang)

Life is a Struggle. Hi, I am Bikash Reang, 52 years age, let me share my story.  I was born to an incredible amazing parents. My father was a govt employee and mother was a house wife. My mother was very humble and generous
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Life is a struggle ( a short story)

     I was the first born and as far back as I remember I could make my parents proud and happy by scoring top rank in all the examinations from class IV to class IX.

    My sister was born a few years later. And we were both given equal opportunities. I was good at mathematics. When I was studying in class VII, I could solve math problems of class VIII . I still remember some students from my village often came to me to get their math problems done. Sometimes my mother scolded me because without doing my homeworks, I helped others. I consider myself a humanitarian by nature as I think all of us are. I couldn't say "No" to them who came to me for help.

     I was 15+ studying in class IX  when my mother was diagnosed with fatal disease (cancer). Father had to take my mother outside our state for better treatment. In the absence of my parents, my aunt took care of us. I thank my aunt a lot for her kindness. I couldn't study properly in tension. Mother had to go outside the state three times. Father took us once and we stayed there 22 days. In this condition I appeared in Matric examination and I got only 68% because I  couldn't attend school and tuition regularly. Mother fought with cancer for one year seven months. But ultimately she got defeated and passed away. I was in class XI.
    I felt a loss so deep that I can't describe it in words. At that time I felt homeless losing my mother. Till today if I remember my mother, my tears scroll down. I know no one will ever love me like my mom did with all my faults. I still remember she would always tell me how handsome I was or I had nice legs and face.
    I could not write the final exam of class XI. I was failed in class eleven. Next year I cleared the class XI result. And my class mates went to college. Some of them got chance in good institution outside our state. All my dreams got shattered. I felt grieved not because they went to college but they who came to me asking help for their maths problems in class VIII and IX avoided me. They did not talk to me. I felt upset.

    One day I closed the door and sat in my room for five hours. My father was not at home, he was in his office. Getting worried, my younger sister knocked the door as I did not eat anything. I did not respond her. So she phoned my father and called our neighbours. Actually I was thinking deep to choose my career. Within a minute the neighbours assembled at our house and they knocked the door. Even they tried to break the door. Then I opened the door. They asked me the reason but I did not say anything. At night I told my father that I wanted to drop out of school. I wanted to be admitted in PTI college. I wanted to be engineer. At that time Madhyamik pass with 60 % marks was enough to get admission in PTI college. I clearly remember, hearing my decision what my father said.

 He said, "Madhyamik passed students go there, you are now in class XII. If you go there, you have to study with much younger than you". "So what " I said.

   I said to my father," I don't care they are my younger or not, I don't care they are girls or boys. My ambition is to be engineer. My focus will be only on engineering. I am ready to bear any type of humiliations to pursue engineering".

   My father wondered seeing my strong determination. I had been admitted in PTI college. I had to tolerate ragging. Some students left the college due to ragging. I could not study well for being ragged. The bitter memories still jolt me sometimes. But these things could not prevent me in pursuing engineer. I completed electrical engineer(Diploma) with good marks. And then I appeared in NERIST join entrance examination. Only Two seats were available from our state. I was selected and got chance to study a in NERIST. Now I work in high-rank post.
Life is a struggle

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