7 Short Mistake Stories That Will Inspire You a Lot

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     1.  Losing virginity

 A story mistake by a woman
      Written by --BK Jamatia

     Hi, I am  27 years a housewife. I am going to share by a story a big mistake by me losing virginity when I was in class --XI. I fell in love with a handsome class XII student. He is so handsome that all my girlfriends praised his tall figure, face structure, attractive eyes and his lovely smile. One day, suddenly he proposed me. Actually, I did not want to do love with anyone before the completion of my study. Because I feared it might hamper my study. But I could not deny his proposal, the guy whom most of the girls were crazy of him proposed me. So I considered myself as a lucky girl. I accepted his proposal.
     He always looked for a chance to meet me alone. But I did not understand him. Ultimately, I understood that he expected sex which I did not like. He expected sex on every date. It made me think that I should fulfil his desire. Because in modern world purity and chastity seems out of fashion. Girls see sex as the ultimate fulfilment of their relationship with guys. Sexually active guys were considered “winners” and sexually active girls are called “experienced.” On the other hand, someone who saves his or her virginity for marriage is taken to be a prude, sexually incapable. However, the reality is completely the opposite. I understood it later.
     After 3/4 months, I could feel that he was not in love with me. But I didn't want to leave him at any cost. So I slept with that guy in order to make a guy or encourage him to stay with me. I lost my virginity at the age of 17 for the following reasons---

1. I had sex with that guy because I was trying to find love, to find self--worth.
2. I thought sex would bring us closer together.
3. I assumed our relationship would last forever.
4. He would be mine forever.
5. I was not ready to bear the humiliation that I might have after break up.

    But I realised my mistake after losing virginity. Because it caused me tension. I did not realise the purity, hope, and forgiveness that I could find in the Bible. It caused me tension because of the dishonesty. Generally, our parents prefer their unmarried children to live a life of sexual continence. If they know their daughter is sexually active without being married, what will happen--it made my stress grow.
    I tried in every possible way to hold my first love. But after 9 months of our relationship, he left me. I have no words to express what happened to me at that time. It's very difficult to overcome it, but I did. Then I  started pursuing my career with full concentration. I completed graduation in time.

‌      I got married to a nice carrying husband. It was an arranged marriage. He loves me very much. My mother-in-law, father -in -law all are very nice. My husband always tells me no secret should be hidden in our deep relation of trust. But I can't tell him that I was not a virgin. There will always be a gap between our relationship.

‌Thank you 

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  2.An innocent girl deceived by  a married man. 

    I'm 22 years girl. One day I got a miss call from unknown number . Then I dialed this number to know whose number is it. It was a voice of young man. I asked him - who are you , why did you give me miss call. He said,  I have tried to call my friend , by mistake I dialed your number . Then I was going to disconnect the call , but he asked me -By the way where from are you ? At first I hesitated to tell him, then I thought it's OK to tell the name of my village . But I was surprised that he knew some  persons from our village and they are known as gentlemen and respected by the villagers. That's the first time I liked him. I also asked -And where are you from ? He told me his village name without any delay. He asked my name also but I refused to tell .Then he said-if you don't want to tell your name , then I can give you a nice new name . I asked , What? He said, your voice  is very sweet and calm,so I will call you SIYARI . I liked that name very much . Then he dropped the call. In the next following day he phoned me again . He introduced me as an Indian army.  He used to  call me every day three to four times a day . We became very intimate friend in a short time . But one day he proposed me .
    I told my mom everything about him . My Mother said, now-a-days it's very difficult to have a handsome govt employee life partner for the girl . She advised me to invite him . I just said, my mom wanted to meet you. He came alone with Indian army hairstyle to my house and met with all my family members.And he invited my parents to meet his parents . But my parents could not go there due to lack of time  . And he used to come to my house again and again . My parents also didn't tell him anything and allowed us to intermingle .
     One day I told my mom, I will not marry him and requested mom to  tell him to stop coming here. Now my mother got worry and asked me -why ? What happened , tell me everything . I told my mother, he is not having a good character . Whenever he got chance he tried to have sex with me and even he tried to force me. Mom told my father and  at last they came to know that the man is   not an Indian army and he is married and he has a five years old son . He is  known as a notorious man in his village . My father wanted to file a case against him but mom prevented my Dad keeping in mind the future of mine .  I got frightened a lot. But I thank God for saving me. . . . .
    In today’s time, it is essential to do a complete background check to verify the authenticity of your spouse. Is he well settled? Has he been married already? Did he/she had any serious relationship in the past?
    Marriage is not just between two individuals but with a family. Therefore, it is essential to do a background check. Their occupation, their character, crime record (if any), social reputation & other personal details.
       Marriage is a one-time affair, and hence, one should not take it lightly. With technological advancements, it has become easy to keep a track of one’s personal life. But the life that people show on social media is more often not that same. You can’t rely on a person’s status or tweets to learn genuine traits about him/her. This wisely before taking the biggest decision of your life.
      Thank you 

3.How I Lost  the Original Marksheet, Admit card, ID card etc.

    Hi! I'm Kumar, 33 years old. When I was studying in college, I lost an original documents (marksheets, PRC certificate,income certificate etc.) of my best friend. After submitting Xerox copies of these in the college for having stipend,my friend asked me to go to his Village which is about 5 km from our college.
      We started going to his village riding his bicycle. He rode the cycle giving his documentary file to me and I sat on the back sit of the bicycle. We didn't carry a bag, so I held the two files together with my left hand and my right hand was holding the sit of the cycle. We had to get off from the cycle on the up road and walked, then ride.
    Sometimes I changed my hands, if I held the sit with the left hand, then I took the file with the right hand. But when we reached home, I found that one file was missing and the file was not mine, it's my friend.
      Immediately we came back to look for it and we searched for it upto the college. But we didn't find it. Then we hired an autorickshaw and announced with the microphone two times from college to his village and from the village to college. But no one had communicated us.

      Later he had to apply in the directorate of board office for having all his documents newly by submitting zerox copies of these. After 3 to 4 months he got all his documents newly.

       I came of a poor peasant family. So I could only give him RS. 500.He had to spend around Rs 5000 for it. But he didn't demand anything from me. Really he is my true friend. Some of our college mates tried to instigate him that I might throw his file purposely. Even my mother also got afraid that he might misunderstand me. But he knows me very well that I could never do such heinous deed. We went to school together from class VI to XII and took admission in the same college. He took education honours and I took English honours. So he knows me well. I remember how we have spent our childhood.  When we were studying in class IX, we learnt to ride motor byke together. His elder brother had a byke. Free of the cost he taught me how to ride motor byke . Then we went to the Jampui market and ate Biriyani in a restaurant. He had an affair with a girl while he was in class XI. He often took me to meet the girl. I have known everything about their relationship. I have understood what is true love. After five to six years relationship , they got married. Now he is a sub inspector in Tripura police . He got job after his graduation. He was selected in the first attempt because he is physically fit. And I took admission in Tripura University for a master degree . Then we were separated. But we take information with each other by phone
      I felt really sad losing his file.  Actually, both the files were the slippery and same size. So, when it fell from my hand, I couldn't understand, if both the files would had fallen from my hand, I definitely would notice it. I thank God.
      Till today we are an intimate friend and we share everything each other.

4. Once I was electrocuted for my mistake.
   In 2015, one day I was called by one of my neighbours to open the wire. I am not electrician but sometimes I connect the electric lines and I do not need to call any electrician for my personal electrical work. My neighbours also know that. So I have to go there to help them because electricians charge a lot and the work is also not tough. Earlier there was an electric bulb, now they do not use the bulb there, so they want to open the wire. At that time my neighbour aunt was watching her favourite TV serial. But I said, it will not take time much.

   First I put down the main switch of the electricity, then I opened the switch box to cut the line. But there were many wires entangled one after another. So I was confused and I have to check the wire. On the other hand aunt was in hurry to watch the TV serial. She did not tell me anything but I understood it. I disconnected two wires and switched on the main switch. My aunt was happy and started to watch her favourite serial.

   When I was going to open the wire, I was electrocuted. I was lucky that my neighbour uncle saw me being electrocuted and he immediately put down the main switch. Others people also came there and took me to the local hospital. I was discharged after check up. But I couldn't forget that accident.
    Actually I cut wrong wire. Due to same colour of the wires and in hurry, I couldn't identify that wire.
    WHAT I LEARN IS..........


 One day  I saw a TV mechanic being electrocuted and I saved his life .
      One day suddenly my Samsung TV stopped working . Actually I was getting a bad picture on every channel for long time. I called the TV mechanic . He came to our place the following day and was able to quickly diagnose the problem . He told me that some components were burnt out. He was working without switching off the main switch . I told him to switch off the main switch but he said , "No need. I  can not work disconnecting the line" . He was working and I sat beside him looking his repairing work. He was opening some parts and fixing them.
     Suddenly I saw him being electrocuted . He was shivering . I understood the matter and instantly I put down the gain (main switch ) . Thank God nothing happened to him. He thanked me. I suggested him not to work connecting the line but he said, "We have to work connecting the line. I have done many repairing works without disconnecting the line. Today its my mistake" . I asked him how did you do mistake? He replied , "I touched here to test it . I should not touch here empty hand. That's my mistake".

    He told me that he would have to order the parts and that it would take about 2 days. He is honest . After 2 days he came and fixed the parts.

     I couldn't forget the incident till now. I thought if I was not with him, what would have happened  to him.

  6. Getting married with a wrong Person, Mistake.   

       I am Karmati, 36 years old woman.I am living a life full of sorrow getting married a man who has no knowledge about the past and absolutely no clues  about the future.I got married at the age of 29.Although every couple is different and unique, I have observed over the years that my husband doesn't care his wife and family and wants only amusement in his life by drinking, roaming, gossiping etc

Author —B kumar Jamatia
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    I got a marriage proposal first time at the age of 17 while studying in class XI. The man is a Tripura police. I rejected him because I wanted to study further. Again a proposal came from a well established business man, but my parents didn't accept because they wanted a govt employee bridegroom. At that time I was also not interested in getting married. But when I failed in class XII board exam, I began to think of getting married if I had a perfect life partner. He should be well educated. Next year I got passed class XII board results and  took admission in the college. In that year three to four marriage proposals came but I was turning down them because they were all uneducated. Then I didn't get any marriage proposal for three years and on the other hand I got failed twice in BA part - II exam and I discontinued my study.

    At that time my age was 23. My parents were getting worried for me because in our society the people thought that girls should get married before they turn 25And my neighbours started asking me--Why didn't you get married yet? By the way  I got a proposal again from a shop keeper who studied upto class X. My parents insisted me to marry him but I turned down him thinking how could a class XII passed girl marry a class X shopkeeper.Then after one year a govt employee widower sent a proposal but we all did not accept it.

   No proposal came for two years and my age turned 28. My parents were getting worried. Then a  class IX failed person who had no job, business and younger than me , sent a marriage proposal and he was eager to stay with us in our house. I didn't not want but my parents and all my relatives put mthe e the compulsion to marry him. They made me understand that if I didn't accept him that time, I would lose a chance again.
My elder sister---Marriage proposal came after 3 years, if we didn't accept it, when the proposal will come is unknown.
My aunt threatened me---If you didn't accept this proposal, you have to spend your whole life unmarried.
My mother --We made mistakes turning down others. Now your age is 28+ we should accept him as he is agree to stay with us.
My uncle--He is unemployed, no problem I will help him to start a business.
I said to my mom-- In our village, girls are getting married early. But most of the celebrities got married at the age of 32/, 3 4.So let me wait  two to three years more. I  studied up to college, I believe that I will get many more proposals. I  can not sacrifice my life.
 (mom consented)
But my relatives was pressurising me. They said if I rejected the proposal, they would forget to take care of me. At la, st, I had to think that I should carry out the decision of my elders. So I consented without knowing his personality, temperament and goals. Even I did not want to meet with that guy. I was ready to manage and co withpe any type of groom .
  It was 18 January 2010my wedding date was fixed. I had to go to the bridal piri with full of tears in my eyes since my marriage was happening against my wish. But I compromised with my life.
  (After marriage)
     I would be happy if my husband takes care of his family. After 3 months of our marriage, my uncle gave us 25,000 rupees to set up a business of fish. My husband could run the business one year and 8 months only. Then he spent all the money lavishly. Th, n mbrother-in-law recruited my husband as a sub-Contractor, but he did not go there regularly for drinking wine.
    He often came home late drunk at night and fought with me over small issues. And when he was intoxicated, he argued with my mother also. Sometimes it became unbearable for me.  we were separated from my parents. By then I gavbirth to a beautiful baby boy. But I did not see him being changed.

     He works for drinking not for earning. Sometimes he went out and stayed away for three days, four days. Then he came home drunk. If my baby gets sick, I have to go to the Doctor alone. Before marriage, I used to work as a insurance agent and do tuition, so I havenough bank balance. But all these money dried up now. I didn't express all the incidences here. Seeing the pitiable condition of mine, my relatives consulted me now to divorce my husband. But how can I divorce him  now ? I have a small baby boy, he will be asked his father name when he goes to school. In male-dominateded society, it's very difficult to live in the world.
                            MY DREAM
     When I was a student, I had a dream ---
     I will be married with a talented man. We will have a small beautiful house and a small car. And my husband will be very caring and he will love me very much. I will pretend to cry demanding jeweller y, and he is consoling me rubbing my hair. In vacati, on, we will go outside for tour.
But all my dreams got shattered.
One of the biggest things that happen in our lives is finding a mate and getting married. we should take consult of a matchmaker before marriage and we should not get married without knowing his personality, temperament and goals.

7. A true story of a Diabetes patient.

    I am 52 years old. Let me share you how I got diabetes disease . When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was shocked, I felt very nervous although this is a serious chronic disease, it is highly manageable. Millions of people with well - controlled diabetes live full active lives. 
      I am a private tutor, I have been doing tuition for 17 years. Everyday I had four batches. I spent most of the time in 24 hours by sitting. Some parents sent their kids at my place and some parents hired me to teach at their home.
      The parents who hired me served me the cup of tea and Paan ( betel nut). Sometimes I denied to take tea, because I was afraid of diabetes disease. Many of my friends, relatives and neighbours have been suffering from diabetes. So I was thinking of controlling tea. But some parents requested me to allow them to serve,and some insisted me to take tea. So I had to drink tea then I chewed Paan.
      Generally the people go to the market in the evening. But earlier I had to go to the market at noon for having tuition in the evening time. The noon is scorching heat. So I used to drink cool drink in the market.
     I did not want to eat too much meat because I knew that eating too much meat is not good for health. It may effects dehydration, headache, constipation, increased risk of vision loss, fatigue, bad breath and many more. But my wife is fond of meat, particularly pork and my son also does not eat well without rich food. So I had to buy meat two/three times a week to satisfy them.
     On the one side there was no exercise due to lack of time and on the other rich food, 4/5 cups of tea daily, betel nuts and cool drink etc were going on. I was not having any disease up to  42 years old. So I felt proud myself and sometimes I proudly said to my sick friends —You should not do like this, you should eat this etc. And I always sought a chance to lough at others mistakes. I used to show them as if I am health specialist. But EGO is a most dangerous three letters words. From 43 years of my age, I began to feel weak, gastric, backache and sometimes headache. But I ignored these things because I was running after money. I was not doing any physical exercise. I was only thinking of doing exercise, controlling rich food etc.
‌       At the age of 46, I was urinating more than usual and I always felt hungry for 2/3 months. One day, one of my sugar victim friends said, "It is a symptom of diabetes". I was so tensed. So without any delay I got my blood tested. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was shocked. I have no words to express what had happened to me at that time. Though it is manageable.
     slowly and slowly I overcame from this depression. To keep my diabetes under control, I avoid many food items and I have been doing exercise regularly in the field cancelling tuition in the morning. And I encouraged my wife and son also to do exercise in the early morning. Because I understood "Health is wealth".
‌   I have heard the english proverb —"Health is Wealth "many years ago but I understood the value of it very late.
‌Dear readers don't do mistake like me.
‌                thank you
Symptoms of diabetes 
Frequent urination,Blurred vision Excessive, hunger, Feeling fatigue Excessive thirst,Poor wound healing,Weight gain or weight loss,Dry mouth, Headache,Numbness and tingling of the hands and feet. 

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