How to Stay Happy (Short mistake story)


True happiness is the feeling of inner happiness.

True Happiness is the Feeling of Inner Happiness. I am Kwthar, 38 years old govt. employee. I made a big mistake in my life. I have a younger brother. But he is taller than me. He is a religious man.  He loves to read sacred books.
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       I am seven years older than he. My father had a small grocery shop in the local market. Both my mother and father had a great interest in educating us. So my father could not save money for the future. By God grace, I got a government job at an early age. We began to enhance the property. At that time my younger brother was at class XI.  I told him to study as much as he could. But he was not good at study. 
     I got married to a metric failed girl judging by her face beauty. My wife is beautiful but selfish. She never wants to help others. She always tried to impede me whenever I wanted to send money to my younger brother. But I was giving money to him. But he is not a good student. He tried hard but could not complete graduation. 
     I made a garden of rubber plantation with the help of my parents and my younger brother. Our state Tripura is the second largest rubber producing state after Kerala in India. It is profitable business. And I purchased a big pond. I could buy all these things because I did not need to buy household expenses like rice, pulse, vegetables etc. We have an ancestral agricultural land. And my mother loved to grow vegetables in front yard. 
      My younger brother had a relationship with a girl for two years. The girl's parents were pressurising my brother and my mother. So we had to get him married without his any income source. Then some problems between my wife and my younger brother's wife arose. After two years of my brother's marriage, I had to take decision for my wife's pressure to stay separately with them. My mother also allowed me to stay separate. 
      Most of our properties except ancestors property are on my name. Because I bought all these properties (ponds, rubber plantation garden etc) with my deposited money. So I occupied all. My mother asked me to leave some property for my younger brother. He has no job. But I denied by saying that I bought all these things with my salary. My father got angry but my brother impeded him.
    My uncle told me to divide the rubber plantation into two parts for your younger brother. All my relatives were against me for not giving rubber plantation to my younger brother. 
      Many years passed, I became the father of one son and my brother became a father of two sons. And my father had to close his grocery shop due to his diabetes disease and lack of capital. Their condition was deteriorating and on the other hand, I built a new beautiful building. And I bought a new personal car. I had everything. But I was not having a peace of mind. Because my mother began to sell vegetables in the local market in shaggy cloth and my brother joined in Mason. But my brother did not want anything from me. 
      On one side we were living a luxury life using car, putting on branded clothes etc. And on the other side, my mother and brother were wearing untidy clothes. I was not having inner happiness. And the local people also began to criticise me. They called me self centred. They said, He is riding a car, and his own mother is selling vegetables in the market, this is not fair". But I tolerated everything because if I wanted to give something to them my wife's face turned red. I didn't want problems in my family. I seldom went to my parent's house. But my son always insisted us to go there. Because he loved to play with my younger brother's sons. 
     Sometimes my son asked me "why  are my grandfather, grandmother and my uncle poor?" I used to reply "They did not study well". But he again asked, "why didn't you help them? My teacher taught me that the man should help the poor men". 
     The society did not respect me. One day my wife said to me, "The villagers called you selfish". She heard it when she went to my son's school. And she proposed me to leave my native village to stay away from my parents. I kept silence, I didn't utter a word. I changed my mind. I decided to perform a Kali puja (goddess Kali festival) in my house. Without informing my wife, I invited my parents, my brother along with his family and all my relatives.
     Before all my relatives I bowed down my head before my mother and father and I apologised for my mistake. I said, "I have done wrong, please forgive me". My mother began to cry. Others consoled us. Then I went to my younger brother and said, "My educational qualification is higher than you but you are greater than I. You didn't ask me anything. The relationship is more valuable than property, pelf. You are right my younger brother". I announced before everyone to divide into three parts of all my property for my parents, brother and me. 
    Now I am having peace of mind   Every year we went to the picnic together. My son is happier than all of us. They play together open-mindedly. 

True happiness is the feeling of inner happiness/peace of mind.

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