Lesson From Three Moral Stories


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The old man, his son and their donkey

       An old man and his son were going to the market with their donkey. When they had walked a little, they met some people who started laughing at them. "Looking at those fools," they laughed, "they have a donkey with them yet they are walking on foot!"
     So the old man put his son on the donkey and they went on their way. But soon they came across a group of Old Men. "Look at that lazy young boy, instead of making his old father sit on the donkey, he himself is sitting on it. What a shameful thing to do," said one old man. So the son got off from the donkey and made his father sit on it. As they went a little further they came across a group of children. "Oh look at that cruel old man", they cried, "he himself is riding the donkey while that little boy has to walk all the way". So the old man made his son sit next to himself on the donkey.
     As they had gone a little distance, they came across a group of men who said, "It's a matter of shame that two people are sitting on a poor donkey. They are selfish".  So the old man and his son got off from the donkey and tied the donkey's feet on a big pole. They put this pole over their shoulder.

     The whole town laughed and cheered. They had never seen a donkey being carried this way. They went along amid the laughter of all who met them till they came to the market bridge. When the donkey, getting one of his feet lose kicked out the boy. In the struggle, the donkey fell over the bridge and his fore-feet being tied together he was drowned. The old man and his son lost their donkey in trying to please everybody.

If you try to please all, you end up pleasing none. 


      The Fox in the well

    One day a fox was walking in the forest searching for water. He saw a well. As soon as he saw a well, he jumped inside the well to drink water. The well was not deep, but it was too deep for the fox to get out. He tried to his level best to come out but all in vain.
    After sometimes a goat was passing by and stopped at the well and looked down the well. "Mr Fox, what are you doing inside the well?" the goat asked. "Mr Goat, the water in this well is the sweetest water I have ever had. I have jumped inside so that I could drink as much water as I want. Why don't you jump in too?" the cunning fox asked.
    The goat jumped inside the well without thinking. As soon as the goat jumped down, the fox jumped on his back and came out of the well. He looked down at the goat and laughed. He ran away leaving the poor goat in the well.
         Look before you leap 


            The lazy donkey

         Once a merchant had loaded his donkey with several heavy bags of salt to sell them in the market. As they were crossing a stream, the donkey's foot slipped and he fell down. The water melted all the salt. When the donkey got up he was surprised. "My heavy load has gone!",  the donkey said happily as they returned home. The donkey thought of this is a good idea to get rid of the load.

      The next day, the merchant again loaded the donkey with heavy bags of salt. As they were crossing the stream the donkey deliberately fell in the stream to loosen his load. The salt merchant understood the donkey trick. He knew that donkey was falling in the stream on purpose.

     So, the next day, the merchant filled the bag with cotton instead of salt. As they were passing the stream, the donkey again pretended to slip and fall. However this time the cotton absorbed water and the bag become heavier. The donkey could not walk properly. The merchant started beating donkey for not walking properly. The donkey realised his mistake and learned his lesson.

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