My Too Much Ego Ruined my Family (A mistake short story)

A mistake story of ego

Too Much Ego Ruined my Family,How can ego ruined your life, How to kill my ego, can too much pride ruin a relationship, what is ego?

       My too much Ego ruined my family 

The people said , "I am lucky having a nice in-law family . My husband is nice , caring. He is fulfilling all my demands. But my Ego ruined my family . Pretend to be rich made me poor . Every year I spent much money on expensive branded clothes, shoes and accessories . Due to frequent buying of more than can be afforded compelled me to sell my jewellery . 

Author —B kumar Jamatia 

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        I am 52 years old woman . I was born in a poor family . My parents could not fulfil my needs in childhood . I was envious of my friends when they bought new dolls, toys etc. The people perceived me that I was beautiful . When I was in school , I wore a lot of black , but as I got older , my style changed.
       My neighbours said that my face beauty was enhancing along with my physical growth naturally . I knew that I could be more beautiful if I could able to care about looking fashionable . I loved fashion and I loved changing my style , my hair, my make up. I liked wearing short outfits. But due to lack of money I could not buy such things such as beauty creams, fashionable dresses etc. My parents also were not letting me wear fashionable short dresses,crop tops. I had to remain in simple dress . Yet I got disturbed and distracted by the boys from 13 years of my age. But I didn't pay attention to them. But I felt good when the people appreciated me for looking pretty .
       I got a marriage proposal from a military man when I was in class XI .
I didn't like a military man . Because my aunt's husband is an army soldier . My aunt does not see her husband for months. And she always prays for her husband's survival and health . So I didn't want to marry a soldier . But when he came to my house to see me , his physical fitness , tall figure, face structure , fair complexion attracted me. We talked for few minutes on random topics. My parents insisted me to accept the proposal . My father was very excited , so I couldn't even say NO because of my father . And his nice behaviour and matured talk attracted me , slowly my heart started melting . At last I agreed to get married .
       My marriage was fixed on 19th January 1998. My in-law family is a small family . They are two brothers . My husband is elder. And I have no father -in -law, he died four years ago . I have mother in law who is very innocent and kind , she deals with me like her daughter . My brother in law was studying in engineering college. The people said "You are lucky having such a nice in-law family .

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        My husband was  caring , he was fulfilling all my demands. Earlier, before marriage I had to cry to have a new shirt . It seemed to me  that I was flying in the sky. My ego had been growing up . I didn't save money , every year I spent much money on  branded clothes, shoes and accessories . I was just spending purchasing unnecessary things. I  always preferred expensive clothes , because I felt good telling the price of these new clothes . Sometimes I bought a dozen of Blouse without necessary just for showing others. I was pretending to be rich. I changed my jewellery design (golden ear rings, neck-chain) two to three times in a year.

   My brother-in-law became an engineer. And I became a mother of two children -one boy, one girl. After my brother in law getting married, we started living separately. I couldn't control from impulsive buying.

   My husband used to say about saving money for the future. But he always wanted a peaceful environment in his family, so he rarely got into a fight with me. One day I forced my husband to buy me a new scooter. Actually, I didn't require it, our house was adjacent to the market. But I bought it to show others.

  When my husband came home on holidays, we enjoyed our life going to the picnic, doing party, tour etc. And I was not guiding my children properly.

     Seeing the others to build a beautiful house, I began to pressurise to build a new building taking a loan from the bank. My husband agreed and we built a new house taking a huge amount of loan.

   My elder daughter fell in love with an unemployed person. We were compelled to get her married, so my husband had to take another loan from the bank. Then my son dropped out of the school falling into bad company. He also brought a girl at the age of 23. So we had to get my son married after one year of my daughter's marriage. After that, I had a kidney stone. I needed an operation but we had no money left. So being Compelled I had to sell my jewellery

 Our family member increased. On the other hand, my husband's salary withdrawal amount decreased due to loans.

   When I was censuring my son for getting married without a job, he began to abuse me —All my neighbours have their rubber plantation, pond, property etc.  We didn't have anything. Some of our neighbours have no job, but they made a rubber plantation.
  Actually, our state is one of the best rubber growing states in India. So planting rubber tree is one of the best income sources in our state.

  Then I realised my mistake. I started thinking my ego ruined my family. Pretend to be rich made me poor. Due to my egotism, I lost my jewellery and I couldn't secure my children's life. I couldn't not provide a better life to my children.

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