How to Handle Two Different Works at a Time ( A big mistake)


To accomplish the two big works at a time is very difficult and risky. 

  How to Handle Two Different Works at a time.  I am 32 years old, a  govt school teacher. I am going to share my story how did I commit a mistake. I  was good at study. All my neighbours, friends praised me for having good marks in all examinations.

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       I stayed in a ba oy's hostel for 7 years. Our hostel superintendent was very strict. He used to daily go round the hostel with a big torch. The students could see the beam of his torch from a distance and rush inside their rooms. He stayed in an adjoining boy's hostel. In the morning he used to go round at 10:30 am before going to school to see if any student was left. And in the evening he checked all the hostel rooms to oversee what was happening inside. He loved all his students like his own children. I  could become a teacher because of my hostel superintendent. He taught me, guided me like my father. My father was an illiterate, farmer.
‌       My parents taught me selling crops, goats, ducks etc. I had seen my parents struggle in their life. So I wanted to become an economic sound person. When I was studying in class XI, I joined a chain marketing business without telling my hostel superintendent and my father. Some of my hostel mates came to know because sometimes I had to attend the meeting. My room mate's father who loves me like his son told me to give up the chain marketing business.

‌     He said-"You are a good student. You have been scoring good marks in all examinations. Your business will hamper your study. All teachers are praising you. If you continue your business, your results will not be good". He reminds me of the story of Mahabharata. He explained -
‌Dronacharya placed a wooden bird on a branch and decided to put everyone through a simple test. He gathered all his subjects and asked them to strike the eye of the wooden bird. But before letting them set their arrows loose, he asked each one of them a question.  He first called and asked Yudhisthir, the eldest of the lot: '' What do you see there?'' To which Yudhishthir replied, "I see a wooden bird, the branch and the tree, the leaves moving and other birds."Everyone else who followed also mentioned the same elements: tree, branch, bird, leaves etc. and Dronacharya asked them all to lay down their bow & arrow. When it was Arjuna's turn, he confidently stated:
"I can only see the eye of the bird."
Everyone else had set their eyes on everything but Arjuna had set his eyes on his goal, the eye of the bird.
    So you should focus on your study like Arjun.

‌      But  I didn't pay heed to his words. I continued my business. Later I realised my mistake, I should listen to him. To get success in chain marketing business is very difficult.  In the beginning, I worked hard on it but later on, I gave up when I realised that it was really disturbing my study.

‌    To accomplish the two big works at a time is very difficult and risky. There is a chance to lose your both works. My percentage mark of class XII results decreased due to my network marketing business.


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