Mistake, Instead of Buying a Plot of Land Residing in a Rent House

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Instead of buying a plot of land , I have been staying in a rent house , big mistake for me. 

Author—B kumar Jamatia 

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     I am Samir. I felt I was a lucky person because I got a job at the age of 25 and I was posted in a government aided school in Agartala, the capital of Tripura. I am from a backward village which is 42 km far from Agartala. And this village is identified as one of the most backward villages in our state. The government school is only up to class VIII in our village. There is a high secondary school that is 7 km away from our village. But in this school there is no science stream.And tuition teachers are not available. So most of the employers from our village are compelled to move with their family to Agartala to teach their sons/daughters after their sons/daughter's getting promotion in class VIII and those families who are economically well off moved there when their children are studying in nursery school.

They went to Agartala not only for their children's education but also for having specialist doctors for their children. The work place of most of them is in the village and they are travelling up and down from Agartala to office (in the village) and they are spending 4 hours a day in travelling. But I don't need to travel as my work of place is in Agartala. So I felt myself as a lucky person. But I couldn't utilise my luck.
     After getting job I took a rent house in the main town of Agartala. At that time I was unmarried and after 3 years I got married. I have been living in a rent house in Agartala for 12 Years from  2006 to 2018. During these times I have changed rent house four times due to many reasons. All the tenants have to face some problems in their rent house. And sometimes a dispute arose between the landlord and the tenant. There are many reasons why disputes arise between landlords and tenants.

     If a landlord fails to maintain the property in habitable condition, if a landlord allows nuisance behaviour of other tenants in an apartment, if a tenant fails to pay as required by the lease, the tenant can be required to pay late fees and penalties as specified by lease terms. No payment can also result in eviction. Besides misunderstood with the landlord, water crisis, increasing the lease of house rent per year etc.
     I also faced some problems, so I had to change house rent four times in 12 Years. Yet the idea of buying a plot of land did not come to my mind. Last year one of my good wishers suggested me to purchase a plot of land taking loan from the bank.
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       He said----Residing in a rent house long time, paying 6000 rupees per month, you are making mistake. You are living in Agartala for 12 Years. You have already paid - 6000×12=72000 per year and you have spent - 72000×12=864000 in 12 Years. You could easily buy a plot of land for this money. And your job is non-transferable. I suggest you to buy a land and make your own house. Your child is 6 years old now. If you do not buy now, you can't buy it later.

  So, I started thinking --Yes, I am doing wrong. Earlier my neighbours are buying and selling the property but I didn't get idea. I realised my mistake and I started looking for it. Now I want it hurry. But I was not getting a suitable a plot of land. One day I saw an advertisement in a newspaper that a new flat is going to be sold. I dialed the number and met them.
The construction of the flat was going on and 80 %  completed. The owner said that it would be completed within 6 months. The flat was expensive. But I wanted to get rid of the house rent. Without taking guidance of my elders and experienced persons, I have decided to buy it. I collected money from my saving account and GPF account and I took a big loan. I paid 90 %of the total cost. The construction of it is not yet Completed.
   After buying the new flat, now I feel I have done another mistake. Because I am confronting a financial crisis now. I thought if I bought a small plot of land, it would be better....And basically I prefer house to flat.
Look before you leap. We should think carefully before we do something. I am impulsive by nature. I acted rashly. So dear readers think deeply before you do something. If you don't have knowledge, you can take guidance from experienced persons.
     Thank you

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