5 Short Stories, Mistakes in Life, Learn From Others Mistakes.


1.Importance of pre-marriage consultation. 

     I am Dayal, 38 years old, a government school teacher. Please read my mistake story. I don't want you to repeat my mistake. I got a job at the age of 27. My parents were in a hurry to get me married. My parents, relatives and friends were looking for a girl for me.

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      I had seen three girls but I rejected them because I came to know that each of them had a love affair before. Actually, I wanted a virgin girl. She should not have an affair with some one.
      I got news of a 21 years old girl who is the only child of her parents. Her father is a government employee and mother house wife. We went to see her at their place. She is beautiful. Generally I judge the girls highly on looks. I do not look for their qualities. So I got married to her with the full consent of both parties.

My personal character

      I am a teacher. So I always take care of my character. Because I believe —"If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me". I avoid quarrelling, argument, debate etc in my life. I like simplicity. I do not get angry fast but if I get angry, I can not control my anger. I have seen many people getting angry at every little thing. But I am not like that. Sometimes I take a drink with my friends but not regularly, three to four times in a month. Because I think —"Entertainment is required in our life. Man is a social animal ". So we have to spend our little time with our friends, relatives and neighbours.

My wife's character
 She is the only girl child of her parents. Generally, only children receive excessive attention. Due to the absence of siblings, they become selfish, demanding, dependent and moody in comparison to children with siblings. So my wife is also a stubborn character. She works domestic works as per her wish. No one can tell or order her anything.

  In my in-law's house, they have a maid servant who works everything for them. So my wife is accustom to ordering others. But we have no servant. I have one brother and two sisters, I am the third child of my father. Both my sisters got married and went to their in-laws house. And my elder brother live in the town for job purpose. My parents live with us in the village. My wife could not give up her habit of ordering others to get her required things. We don't have a servant, so she began to command me. In the beginning, she was reluctant to order me but slowly and slowly she was pointing me. On the other hand, if I order her to get something, she did it unwillingly. It hurt me a little but I tolerated because I wanted a peaceful environment in my house. And my wife is very fond of jewellery. She used to take me jewellery shopping. She loved to get her ornaments molded into some new piece. I have been fulfilling her demands because according to me "True happiness for a woman comes from her family". Actually, I don't want a woman who treats her husband like a king.

      My wife does not like me to spend time gossiping with my friends in our local shop. But I like to remain with the people. She gets angry very quickly. When I drank with my friends, her anger rose.

     She gave birth to a baby son. The birth of my son brought me eternal happiness. Words can not describe how much I was happy becoming a father. After my son's birth, my responsibility increased and my wife's habit of getting the work done by others also increased.
       It is a joy to see my son grow day by day, and it feels good to see him after a long work day. The way he responds when I call his name and the different facial expressions that he makes helps to take away all the stress and worries of the day. 

        I admitted my son in the nursery school at his age of 3 years 4 months. One day I was doing a party with my friends at one of my friend 's house. At that time my father was not at home. He went to my uncle' s house. My mother was sleeping at her room. I wanted to come home fast but my friends insisted me to stay a little longer. So I was delaying to come back home. Suddenly my wife appeared there at around 9:50 pm and started beating me in front of my friends. She pulled me catching my hair, she kicked me. I felt shy. I couldn't understand what to do. I was just laughing but my anger was burning inside. I couldn't control my temper. Coming to home, I started beating my wife severely. She shouted for help, my mother woke up and some of our neighbours came and stopped me. She suffered injuries and my mother and neighbours took her to the hospital at night. Without going to the doctor, I went to sleep as I was drunk. In the next morning, I realised my mistake and went to the hospital. Her mother and relatives came there. Her uncle tried to attack me in the hospital but my mother-in-law prevented him. The people gathered there and came to know the matter. What a shame for me being a teacher. I apologised my wife. She was discharged in the morning as she suffered a little injury.
     I bought one kilogram of apple for her. My mother-in-law came along with her daughter. She knows her daughter well. She made her understand.

 Now we live a normal life. But my reputation is ruined. I might be known to the society a wife-beating husband. It is very difficult to rebuild my reputation.
     She is born aggressive. But I have decided to compromise everything.

   Picking the right wife is utmost importance. Marriage is a life- long commitment and requires a great deal of forethought. Getting married without a plan and without any forethought is a terrible decision. 

  • This story is based on imaginary  rather than on fact.

2. My too much Ego ruined my family.

      The people said , "I am lucky having a nice in-law family . My husband is nice , caring. He is fulfilling all my demands. But my Ego ruined my family . Pretend to be rich made me poor . Every year I spent much money on expensive branded clothes, shoes and accessories . Due to frequent buying of more than can be afforded compelled me to sell my jewellery . 
Author —B kumar Jamatia 
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        I am 52 years old woman . I was born in a poor family . My parents could not fulfil my needs in childhood . I was envious of my friends when they bought new dolls, toys etc. The people perceived me that I was beautiful . When I was in school , I wore a lot of black , but as I got older , my style changed.
       My neighbours said that my face beauty was enhancing along with my physical growth naturally . I knew that I could be more beautiful if I could able to care about looking fashionable . I loved fashion and I loved changing my style , my hair, my make up. I liked wearing short outfits. But due to lack of money I could not buy such things such as beauty creams, fashionable dresses etc. My parents also were not letting me wear fashionable short dresses,crop tops. I had to remain in simple dress . Yet I got disturbed and distracted by the boys from 13 years of my age. But I didn't pay attention to them. But I felt good when the people appreciated me for looking pretty .
       I got a marriage proposal from a military man when I was in class XI .
I didn't like a military man . Because my aunt's husband is an army soldier . My aunt does not see her husband for months. And she always prays for her husband's survival and health . So I didn't want to marry a soldier . But when he came to my house to see me , his physical fitness , tall figure, face structure , fair complexion attracted me. We talked for few minutes on random topics. My parents insisted me to accept the proposal . My father was very excited , so I couldn't even say NO because of my father . And his nice behaviour and matured talk attracted me , slowly my heart started melting . At last I agreed to get married .
       My marriage was fixed on 19th January 1998. My in-law family is a small family . They are two brothers . My husband is elder. And I have no father -in -law, he died four years ago . I have mother in law who is very innocent and kind , she deals with me like her daughter . My brother in law was studying in engineering college. The people said "You are lucky having such a nice in-law family .
        My husband was  caring , he was fulfilling all my demands. Earlier, before marriage I had to cry to have a new shirt . It seemed to me  that I was flying in the sky. My ego had been growing up . I didn't save money , every year I spent much money on  branded clothes, shoes and accessories . I was just spending purchasing unnecessary things. I  always preferred expensive clothes , because I felt good telling the price of these new clothes . Sometimes I bought a dozen of Blouse without necessary just for showing others. I was pretending to be rich. I changed my jewellery design (golden ear rings, neck-chain) two to three times in a year.
   My brother-in-law became an engineer. And I became a mother of two children -one boy, one girl. After my brother in law getting married, we started living separately. I couldn't control from impulsive buying.
   My husband used to say about saving money for the future. But he always wanted a peaceful environment in his family, so he rarely got into a fight with me. One day I forced my husband to buy me a new scooter. Actually, I didn't require it, our house was adjacent to the market. But I bought it to show others.
  When my husband came home on holidays, we enjoyed our life going to the picnic, doing party, tour etc. And I was not guiding my children properly.
     Seeing the others to build a beautiful house, I began to pressurise to build a new building taking a loan from the bank. My husband agreed and we built a new house taking a huge amount of loan.
   My elder daughter fell in love with an unemployed person. We were compelled to get her married, so my husband had to take another loan from the bank. Then my son dropped out of the school falling into bad company. He also brought a girl at the age of 23. So we had to get my son married after one year of my daughter's marriage. After that, I had a kidney stone. I needed an operation but we had no money left. So being Compelled I had to sell my jewellery
 Our family member increased. On the other hand, my husband's salary withdrawal amount decreased due to loans.
   When I was censuring my son for getting married without a job, he began to abuse me —All my neighbours have their rubber plantation, pond, property etc.  We didn't have anything. Some of our neighbours have no job, but they made a rubber plantation.
  Actually, our state is one of the best rubber growing states in India. So planting rubber tree is one of the best income sources in our state.
  Then I realised my mistake. I started thinking my ego ruined my family. Pretend to be rich made me poor. Due to my egotism, I lost my jewellery and I couldn't secure my children's life. I couldn't not provide a better life to my children.
      LESSON. . . . 

3. One lie leads to another lie.

Yamaraksa, a middle-aged man stole a Risa(Veil) of his wife and hid it on the day of Hojagiri ( Kokborok words). Hojagiri is the festival of Goddess Laxmi puja, a Hindu religious festival. It is believed to be the most auspicious day. According to legend, Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth visits her devotees and bestows gifts and blessings upon each of them. Devotees clean their houses, decorate them with lights to  welcome the Goddess Laxmi. In the evening Goddess Laxmi puja is performed.
 After the puja, people go outside and celebrate by lighting up fireworks, after fireworks, people enjoy Hojagiri by stealing valuable or favourite things of others. But these things are given back to the owner later. Some notorious persons utilise Hojagiri by stealing the expensive things and they did not give them back to the owners.
   Yamaraksa stole one of his wife's favourite Risa and hid it. The he told lie his wife--" I am a big astrologer. I can try to find out your Risa by using my Mantras ( magical spell).
Wife-- " You stole my Risa. Take it out first".
Yamaraksa--" why will I steal your Risa?"
Wife-- "Please tell me the truth. Don't tell lie".
Yamaraksa-- "Forget it".
  After two days, she reiterated, " It was my favourite Risa". Yamaraksa told his wife to bring a least little grain of corn. She brought grain. When he was pretending to chant Mantras, one of their neighbour came to their house and saw it. Yamaraksa said, " Your Risa is in the wooden box buried under the bunyan tree northern side of their house. His wife and neighbour went out and saw three bunyan trees. They dug the soil under the first bunyan tree. They did not get anything. Then They moved to the second tree and dug the soil, but failed. After that they excavated the soil and they really found a wooden box and opened it. She jumped for joy getting back her favourite Risa. The news spread out in all corner of their country. Yamaraksa started getting respect from the society. He did not revealed the truth.He was lying the people. Because he liked being praised.
     The news reached to the king. A treasure box of gold coin of the king was stolen. Yamaraksa was called by the king. It seemed to him that the sky collapsed and fell on his head. He did not know that his one lie would create such a big problem. He could not disclose the truth to the king. He thought --"If I tell the truth, the king will behead me for swindling others." He could not understand what to do. He was produced before the king.

     Yamaraksa asked for a little grain of corn then he pretended to chant Mantras closing his eyes in front of the king. He said, " Time has not come, Maharaj. I can tell about the treasure box whereabout after 10 days on the full moon day. Actually, he thought that the king might send him back at home. Then he would commit suicide.
But not, the King kept him in the palace and employed 10 soldiers to protect him. Because thieves might attack him. Yamaraksa was hospitalised nicely, there was no chance to commit suicide. He could not sleep. After thinking whole night, he decided that he would kill himself. He told the soldiers to add  green chilly curry in his meal. In the curry only a lot of green chilly would be cooked. He thought that he would  died of loose motion.
  After two day eating green chilly curry, frequent passing of loose began. But he did not tell the soldiers.
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  On the other hand,the two thieves who stole the king's treasury box were worried to be caught. They also heard about Yamaraksa as a great astrologer. So, somehow they entered into the palace in the guise of the soldier and met with the Yamaraksa. They told everything about the king's treasure box whereabout and pleaded for not telling their name to the king.
      On the evening Yamaraksa shouted, " Time has come, the time has come. Get everything ready." He pretended to chant mantras, after a while he said, "Maharaj, your treasury box is buried under the palm tree just behind the hill. At once the king sent his soldiers there. The king got back his treasure box of gold coin and he gave a big reward to Yamaraksa.

4. What is Responsibility/Duty

        According to Oxford dictionary Responsibility is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone.
Everyone heard about responsibility. We know that some people are responsible, others are irresponsible. Each of us at least once in our lifetime has heard such a phrase “You are irresponsible" or “You don’t have a sense of responsibility".
   Irresponsibility is one of the main reason for unrest in the family. If anyone of the family members does not execute his/her responsibility, problems will be born in that family. We all know more or less about our responsibility. Even if we close our eyes, we can feel the presence of the sun. In the same way, we all know what is our responsibility. But some lazy, selfish, self-centred, opportunist and too much clever persons avoid their duty. Then problems come off not only in the family but everywhere in school, college, office, hospital, club etc.
   I have seen many family problems which originated for the irresponsibility of the family members.
1. I have seen a family where a teenager son does not cultivate his responsibility. The primary duty of a student is to learn and acquire knowledge. Students will go to school. They will learn their homework and prepare for the exam. Students will learn discipline. They will respect their elders, parents and their teacher. In the evening they will go to play in the field after doing their homework. Besides Students also have a great responsibility to help out the less fortunate members of the society by way of social work. They can offer great services by teaching illiterate children of nearby villages.
 But the student whom I am talking about is totally different. So their family always remain worried. He does not want to go to school regularly. He never learns his homework. He does not listen to his parents. Instead of playing, he goes to the river bank and takes intoxication with his spoilt friends. They do not respect elders.
2. I have seen another family where their mother does not execute her responsibility or duty. She works nothing. On the other hand, her husband works in the field every day with his labours. Actually, she is the only daughter of her parents and she has been given a lot of paddy land by her parents. So she considers herself owner and her husband and children slave. So she works nothing. Even she does not cook. She let her daughter and sons cook. Her neighbours wonder what a mother she is!. How can she let her children cook and she does nothing. Neighbours call her bossy mother or selfish mother. Sometimes her husband cannot tolerate. So the neighbours very often hear the quarrel in their family. No one utter a word on her. She said to her husband, " You have got a lot of property free of cost. Just work and eat. What a lucky you are! Your friends need to look for work everyday".
3. In a certain club, a cashier spent all the cash of the club fund. So the tumult arose. He was imposed fine but he could not pay back. Eventually the organisation collapsed for long 6(six) years. Now the club is rebuilt with some new members. Here the cashier did not perform his duty properly.
There are many instances. Irresponsibility is the main reasons for such problems.People are not born with the sense of responsibility. It is something every person should cultivate in themselves. It should become a part of one’s personality. Lack of such a trait of character or even its absolute absence was never considered to be a positive feature. When you are responsible it is easier to gain the respect of the people and to take a decent place in society.
  Everyone has to execute 10/12 responsibilities. Because he/she may be a father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, relative, teacher, student, doctor, nurse, officer, clerk, engineer, minister, hero, heroine, shopkeeper and so on.

5. Learn from my mistake:

        Hi, I am Hapreng, 32 years old. I am going to  share you my real life story. I was born to a poor family. My mother used to tell us, "I can give you nothing except education. Education is your property. As long as I live, I will try my level best to educate all of you at any how and any cost". In childhood, I dreamed of becoming a school teacher. I was an average student. Everything was falling in right place up to 8 standard.
  We began to talk about romantic love from 9 standard. We began to flirt with our girl friends in the class as it was co-ed school.
‌I felt good doing such things in school. Soon I fell in love with one of my classmate girls. She was average looking. Lets name her Payel. I thought to propose her as some of my friends were also in a relationship. I thought I could bear my study doing a romantic love. That was my Mistake. I fell for her lovely smile and character. So, I proposed Payel first time in my life when I was in class X. But she turned down my proposal. I proposed her again and again. Eventually, Payel accepted my proposal, we were both at class xi. I was in a relationship with her from class xi. I had conversed with her for 1/2 hour at night everyday on phone. Sometimes we chat through whatapps, messenger etc.
‌Our relationship was going deeper and deeper. My focus on study was minimising. 
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   Earlier, I used to make plan when and how I would complete my syllabus. But after falling in love, I forgot everything. I felt upset, If I could not see Payel in school or tution. Everyday, I made a call to her at night. On small issues, we would altercate on phone. Actually, it was disturbing my study a lot. But I could not realise my Mistake. I was giving our relationship more important than my study.
‌   In class xii final result, Payel failed but I could manage to pass but the marks was very poor. I went to Agartala(Capital of Tripura) for taking admission in college. I took a rent house there. In every saturday, I used to come home to meet Payel. I loved her truly. I saw many beautiful girls in the college, but Payel is the most beautiful girl in the world to me. I would wait for saturday to go home for meeting her. On the other hand, my college friends were busy collecting notes, materials etc. I did not understand when my college first semester exam came, I wrote the exam without preparation. I had two papers back. I failed in the exam for the first time in my life.
    I felt sad. My mother also scolded me. They got to know about my relationship. Actually, one day my uncle saw me when I was roaming in a park with Payel. I determined to study well and I cleared the exam. But I neglected again and I had 3 Papers back in 2nd semester exam. On the other side, my parents could not afford house rent payment. So, I left my rent house and came home thinking that I would sit for the exam coming by bus from home.
Payel's parents also got to know about our relationship, but they were not against it even though I was unemployed. So, I began to go their house and met with payel again and again. Ultimately, I left college and I got married to Payel.
  Now I became a labour of others. My parents and relatives are not happy. All my childhood dreams got shattered. And my college friends are doing a govt job. I realised my mistake.
  I am not against Love, Romance but according to me, there is a right time in one's life to fall in love.
If you made any big mistake in your life, please send your mistake story in my following email address. I will publish your mistake story. The people will not repeat your mistake.
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