A True Story of a Diabetes Patient


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I am 52 years old. Let me share you how I got diabetes disease . When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was shocked, I felt very nervous although this is a serious chronic disease, it is highly manageable. Millions of people with well - controlled diabetes live full active lives.
      I am a private tutor, I have been doing tuition for 17 years. Everyday I had four batches. I spent most of the time in 24 hours by sitting. Some parents sent their kids at my place and some parents hired me to teach at their home.
      The parents who hired me served me the cup of tea and Paan ( betel nut). Sometimes I denied to take tea, because I was afraid of diabetes disease. Many of my friends, relatives and neighbours have been suffering from diabetes. So I was thinking of controlling tea. But some parents requested me to allow them to serve,and some insisted me to take tea. So I had to drink tea then I chewed Paan.
      Generally the people go to the market in the evening. But earlier I had to go to the market at noon for having tuition in the evening time. The noon is scorching heat. So I used to drink cool drink in the market.
     I did not want to eat too much meat because I knew that eating too much meat is not good for health. It may effects dehydration, headache, constipation, increased risk of vision loss, fatigue, bad breath and many more. But my wife is fond of meat, particularly pork and my son also does not eat well without rich food. So I had to buy meat two/three times a week to satisfy them.
     On the one side there was no exercise due to lack of time and on the other rich food, 4/5 cups of tea daily, betel nuts and cool drink etc were going on. I was not having any disease up to  42 years old. So I felt proud myself and sometimes I proudly said to my sick friends —You should not do like this, you should eat this etc. And I always sought a chance to lough at others mistakes. I used to show them as if I am health specialist. But EGO is a most dangerous three letters words. From 43 years of my age, I began to feel weak, gastric, backache and sometimes headache. But I ignored these things because I was running after money. I was not doing any physical exercise. I was only thinking of doing exercise, controlling rich food etc.

‌       At the age of 46, I was urinating more than usual and I always felt hungry for 2/3 months. One day, one of my sugar victim friends said, "It is a symptom of diabetes". I was so tensed. So without any delay I got my blood tested. I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was shocked. I have no words to express what had happened to me at that time. Though it is manageable.
‌ ‌     
                   Image of blood testing

     slowly and slowly I overcame from this depression. To keep my diabetes under control, I avoid many food items and I have been doing exercise regularly in the field cancelling tuition in the morning. And I encouraged my wife and son also to do exercise in the early morning. Because I understood "Health is wealth".

‌   I have heard the english proverb —"Health is Wealth "many years ago but I understood the value of it very late.

‌Dear readers don't do mistake like me.
‌                thank you

Symptoms of diabetes 
  1. Frequent urination
  2. Blurred vision 
  3. Excessive hunger
  4. Feeling fatigue
  5. Excessive thirst
  6. Poor wound healing
  7. Weight gain or weight loss
  8. Dry mouth 
  9. Headache
  10. Numbness and tingling of the hands and feet. 
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