Marrying the wrong person, I am living a life full of sorrow (Mistake story of a woman)

A mistake story of a woman
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    G etting married with a wrong Person, Mistake.    I am Karmati, 36 years old woman.I am living a life full of sorrow getting married a man who has no knowledge about the past and absolutely no clues  about the future.I got married at the age of 29.Although every couple is different and unique, I have observed over the years that my husband doesn't care his wife and family and wants only amusement in his life by drinking, roaming, gossiping etc

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    I got a marriage proposal first time at the age of 17 while studying in class XI. The man is a Tripura police. I rejected him because I wanted to study further. Again a proposal came from a well established business man, but my parents didn't accept because they wanted a govt employee bridegroom. At that time I was also not interested in getting married. But when I failed in class XII board exam, I began to think of getting married if I had a perfect life partner. He should be well educated. Next year I got passed class XII board results and  took admission in the college. In that year three to four marriage proposals came but I was turning down them because they were all uneducated. Then I didn't get any marriage proposal for three years and on the other hand I got failed twice in BA part - II exam and I discontinued my study.
    At that time my age was 23. My parents were getting worried for me because in our society the people thought that girls should get married before they turn 25. And my neighbours started asking me--Why didn't you get married yet? By the way  I got a proposal again from a shop keeper who studied upto class X. My parents insisted me to marry him but I turned down him thinking how could a class XII passed girl marry a class X shopkeeper.Then after one year a govt employee widower sent a proposal but we all did not accept it.
   No proposal came for two years and my age turned 28. My parents were getting worried. Then a  class IX failed person who had no job, business and younger than me , sent a marriage proposal and he was eager to stay with us in our house. I didn't not want but my parents and all my relatives put mthe e the compulsion to marry him. They made me understand that if I didn't accept him that time, I would lose a chance again.

My elder sister---Marriage proposal came after 3 years, if we didn't accept it, when the proposal will come is unknown.

My aunt threatened me---If you didn't accept this proposal, you have to spend your whole life unmarried.

My mother --We made mistakes turning down others. Now your age is 28+ we should accept him as he is agree to stay with us.

My uncle--He is unemployed, no problem I will help him to start a business.

I said to my mom-- In our village, girls are getting married early. But most of the celebrities got married at the age of 32/, 3 4.So let me wait  two to three years more. I  studied up to college, I believe that I will get many more proposals. I  can not sacrifice my life.
 (mom consented)

But my relatives was pressurising me. They said if I rejected the proposal, they would forget to take care of me. At la, st, I had to think that I should carry out the decision of my elders. So I consented without knowing his personality, temperament and goals. Even I did not want to meet with that guy. I was ready to manage and co withpe any type of groom .
  It was 18 January 2010, my wedding date was fixed. I had to go to the bridal piri with full of tears in my eyes since my marriage was happening against my wish. But I compromised with my life.

  (After marriage)

     I would be happy if my husband takes care of his family. After 3 months of our marriage, my uncle gave us 25,000 rupees to set up a business of fish. My husband could run the business one year and 8 months only. Then he spent all the money lavishly. Th, n mbrother-in-law recruited my husband as a sub-Contractor, but he did not go there regularly for drinking wine.

    He often came home late drunk at night and fought with me over small issues. And when he was intoxicated, he argued with my mother also. Sometimes it became unbearable for me.  we were separated from my parents. By then I gavbirth to a beautiful baby boy. But I did not see him being changed.
     He works for drinking not for earning. Sometimes he went out and stayed away for three days, four days. Then he came home drunk. If my baby gets sick, I have to go to the Doctor alone. Before marriage, I used to work as a insurance agent and do tuition, so I havenough bank balance. But all these money dried up now. I didn't express all the incidences here. Seeing the pitiable condition of mine, my relatives consulted me now to divorce my husband. But how can I divorce him  now ? I have a small baby boy, he will be asked his father name when he goes to school. In male-dominateded society, it's very difficult to live in the world.
                            MY DREAM

     When I was a student, I had a dream ---

     I will be married with a talented man. We will have a small beautiful house and a small car. And my husband will be very caring and he will love me very much. I will pretend to cry demanding jeweller y, and he is consoling me rubbing my hair. In vacati, on, we will go outside for tour.

But all my dreams got shattered.

One of the biggest things that happen in our lives is finding a mate and getting married. we should take consult of a matchmaker before marriage and we should not get married without knowing his personality, temperament and goals.

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