Learn from Mistakes( Three Real Stories)

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Three real stories are collected . Generally we are deceived by the deceitful people for giving them chance . Today we will learn from the three real stories .

Author —B kumar Jamatia 

                        Fruit store
        Last Sunday I had gone to Agartala, the capital of Tripura to purchase some clothes. There were many dry-fruit sellers sitting with their stores lined up on the Way. I couldn't control myself on seeing the red apples on display in one of the shops. There is a proverb in english - an apple a day keeps doctor away. To keep the doctor away, one is ready to eat even the bitter fruit of the need tree. Apples, after all, if not better than mangoes, are not worse off,when it comes to the matter concerning taste.
  I went there and bargained with the fruit seller and asked for one kilogram of apples. The fruit seller said, "These apples are very delicious and fresh just arrived now. You will enjoy them".
    I selected eight apples and handed them to him. He picked up his weighing scales, he  put down three selected apples and he put others three apples which were a little smaller than those on his weighing scales for accurate weighing of one kilogram . I told him to select the apples carefully while selecting them.
      Reaching home, I put aside the apples. As it is not advisable to eat Apples or any other fruits at night. Early morning was the time to eat fruit. So, in the following morning, after washing my face I took out an apple for breakfast, I realised there was a rotten spot the size of a rupee coin. I took out another Apple. Half of this one too had gone bad. Then I checked the all. Only three apples that the fruit seller had given were not fit for eating. When cut, these three apples had the black spots inside. The fruit seller had cheated me deliberately.

    I could not go back there for only three apples. I need 80 rupees car fare to go to Agartala.

  Some men are deceitful only when they are given a chance.

             FAST FOOD SHOP
   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
           Image of one hundred rupee note
       Three to four months ago my mother sent me with hundred rupee note to the market to buy green chilly. There were many fast food restaurants beside the road. When I see and smell some delicious food, I can not control myself. My mouth waters when I see the yummy fast food. So I went inside and ate "Rasagulla" for 20 rupees.
The shopkeeper ---I have no change, give me 20 rupee note.
I said, "I have no change".
 Shopkeeper ---keep your hundred rupee note here and take it back after giving me 20 rupees.
 I said, "I will pay my bill of 20 rupees after buying green chilly. I came to the market to buy it".
Shopkeeper ----I can not trust you, I have seen many customers who escaped without paying the bills.
I said, " I have brought only hundred rupee note".
Shopkeeper ----Then take it tomorrow.

      I made an argument with him a few minutes. He misbehaved me with dirty language and his body language looked like a fighter not a shopkeeper. I came out of the shop and told a police who was deployed in the market. I along with the police went there. The police scolded him badly. At last he had to give me back 80 rupees.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

        Last week a conflict broke out between two families over garbage throwing .They often fought over many issues . We thought, "If there is an ongoing dispute between them, the matter may escalate to the great extent. So, I along with some people went there to stop their quarrel. Seeing us, they both have tried to make us understand to take support from us. I heard their words with great attention.

     Hearing their words, I clearly could understand who was wrong. So I said to one of them, "You are wrong. You should not do like that".After that they stopped quarrelling. It had been 6 months. But an enemy was born for me. The family whom I told you were wrong, became my enemy. I do not think them my enemy. But they think I am their big enemy.
     I realised my mistake that I should not give verdict to them.

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