Learn from the mistakes committed by others

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          Life is very short . So we should learn from others mistakes . Generally we all learn from our own mistakes  , and we do not repeat those . in our life. But many people do not try to learn from mistakes of others . If we only learn from our own mistakes , it will take a lot of time from our life and we have to pay a price. But if we learn from people's mistakes , these cost us nothing .

   Committing mistakes , many people are suffering from a fatal diseases and some are suffering a great financial loss .

    We have learnt about Early Men. In those days there were no houses or other buildings . People lived in caves and there were no cultivation . The people did not cook-They had no cooking vessels or pots and pans.
      These people are called the Palaeolithic men, or the men of the old stone age. They are so called as men made all their tools with stone . Then came the Neolithic men or men of the new stone age. The Neolithic men made the great discovery of cultivation .
   They started tilling the fields and growing their food there. The people lived in houses or huts which were very often made in the middle of lakes . Hence these people are called lake dwellers . The Neolithic men clothed themselves with the skins of animals or sometimes with a rough cloth or flax . They started making tools of Copper and Bronze .
     The first great discovery that man made was that of FIRE. In our times , a light fired by a match. In the older times, fires were made by rubbing two flints against each other till a sparkle come and this spark set fire to a piece of dry straw or same other dry thing.Then the people learnt  about the complexion of their appearance. The people living in Africa on their living near the equator where it is very hot sets used to the heat. The great heat of the sun makes them dark in complexion. If a person spends much time in the sun at the seaside or elsewhere he becomes tanned, or browner and darker.
       In these ways human beings are learning one by one .

     Swami Vivekanand said in his passage "An appeal to his country men" —We must try and exert ourselves for better things. There are many things to learn, we must struggle for new and higher things till we die. STRUGGLE IS THE END OF HUMAN LIFE .

              Image of Sri Ramakrishna

       Shri Ram krishna used to say, "As long as I live , so long do I learn" . That man or that society which has nothing to learn , is already in the jaws of Death .

    There are so many situations we encounter in our daily life. Losing your virginity too early, neglecting your health, doing drugs, neglecting your partner are just examples of choices and experiences that should have been made without learning the hard way.  Basically teenage years are filled with impetuousness , wonder and they are always in a hurry to try and do everything without any caution .
   So we should keep learning from others mistakes  .
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