God is with Us :Learn from Mistakes

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     I  am Sanjit, 57 years of age. My children could not succeed in life for my sin. I am a very poor man and a great devotee of Lord Shiva. But due to my heinous work, I did not get blessing of the God.

Author —B kumar Jamatia 

      I work on the land of others. I have three sons and one daughter.I have no property to give my four children. So, at any cost I have to educate all my four children.I work hard and try my best to give education to my children.And I believe in Lord that  he will  surely bless my children.
   But it is going to opposite direction. One by one my three children became unsuccessful. My elder son got married after studying up to class IX and became a daily labourer. Now he has a two years old son. And my second son is unemployed studied upto class XII and doing nothing now. He dropped out his study after failing three times in class XII. And my daughter is metric failed.
    Actually all my children were good at study when they were in the primary school . All their school teachers and tuition teachers praised my children. But later they became inattentive in the study.

      I am poor, my wife and I have to work in tzhe field. We could not guide them well. But it's not the matter of proper guide. Because one of my neighbours is also a farmer and he also work whole day in the field. He has three children, all his children became educated. Two of them already got govt job. My neighbour's lifestyle got changed. But I stayed in the same position. Even he was poorer than I. Because he is not physically stronger than me.  I could earn more than he. I clearly remember that once he had to ask me for rice. But now he live in a beautiful house.
      I started thinking where is my mistake. Then I could realised my mistake. Actually I am a very poor man, so I used to pick up the required things laid on the road side such as money, stick, vegetables, plastic, pipe and many more. Because I could save money doing such thing. But it became a habit for me. I didn't steal anything directly but if I saw something  in deserted position on the road, I would take it. I used to catch fish in  the pond of others. Once my neighbour's ducks used to lay eggs in my house, without informing them, I picked up  and ate the eggs for one month.
     I felt good doing such things because I got many things freely and no one knew it and my image did not get spoiled. But God knows everything, he saw everything doing me such heinous deeds.But my  neighbour whose three children became literate persons is not like me. He is poor but very honest. He even  didn't touch the things of others without asking the owners. One day we went to the forest to collect the bamboo shoot which is one of the favourite dish of us. We saw many pumpkins on the roadside. I proposed him to pluck one of it but he strongly denied and said," Don't touch the thing which belongs to others".But I took one pumpkin. If he was not with me at that time, I would had taken four to five pumpkins.
 So, instead of punishing me, God punished my children. Because I have done everything for my children. My three children became ordinary men. This is the result of my sin.

     I gave up everything now. And I agree to remain empty stomach, but I will never pick up the things which are belonged to others. And its began to change, my youngest son is studying in college and attaining good results. I hope he will definitely make his fortune.
When we pray God, we think that God sees us but when we do some wrong works, we do not think that God sees us. GOD IS EVERYWHERE.
     Thank you

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