5 Failure Stories that May Change Your Life

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     I  am Sanjit, 57 years of age. My children could not succeed in life for my sin. I am a very poor man and a great devotee of Lord Shiva. But due to my heinous work, I did not get blessing of the God.

Author —B kumar Jamatia 

      I work on the land of others. I have three sons and one daughter.I have no property to give my four children. So, at any cost I have to educate all my four children.I work hard and try my best to give education to my children.And I believe in Lord that  he will  surely bless my children.
   But it is going to opposite direction. One by one my three children became unsuccessful. My elder son got married after studying up to class IX and became a daily labourer. Now he has a two years old son. And my second son is unemployed studied upto class XII and doing nothing now. He dropped out his study after failing three times in class XII. And my daughter is metric failed.
    Actually all my children were good at study when they were in the primary school . All their school teachers and tuition teachers praised my children. But later they became inattentive in the study.

      I am poor, my wife and I have to work in tzhe field. We could not guide them well. But it's not the matter of proper guide. Because one of my neighbours is also a farmer and he also work whole day in the field. He has three children, all his children became educated. Two of them already got govt job. My neighbour's lifestyle got changed. But I stayed in the same position. Even he was poorer than I. Because he is not physically stronger than me.  I could earn more than he. I clearly remember that once he had to ask me for rice. But now he live in a beautiful house.
      I started thinking where is my mistake. Then I could realised my mistake. Actually I am a very poor man, so I used to pick up the required things laid on the road side such as money, stick, vegetables, plastic, pipe and many more. Because I could save money doing such thing. But it became a habit for me. I didn't steal anything directly but if I saw something  in deserted position on the road, I would take it. I used to catch fish in  the pond of others. Once my neighbour's ducks used to lay eggs in my house, without informing them, I picked up  and ate the eggs for one month.
     I felt good doing such things because I got many things freely and no one knew it and my image did not get spoiled. But God knows everything, he saw everything doing me such heinous deeds.But my  neighbour whose three children became literate persons is not like me. He is poor but very honest. He even  didn't touch the things of others without asking the owners. One day we went to the forest to collect the bamboo shoot which is one of the favourite dish of us. We saw many pumpkins on the roadside. I proposed him to pluck one of it but he strongly denied and said," Don't touch the thing which belongs to others".But I took one pumpkin. If he was not with me at that time, I would had taken four to five pumpkins.
 So, instead of punishing me, God punished my children. Because I have done everything for my children. My three children became ordinary men. This is the result of my sin.

     I gave up everything now. And I agree to remain empty stomach, but I will never pick up the things which are belonged to others. And its began to change, my youngest son is studying in college and attaining good results. I hope he will definitely make his fortune.
When we pray God, we think that God sees us but when we do some wrong works, we do not think that God sees us. GOD IS EVERYWHERE.
     Thank you

2.   A topper student became a spoiled son

      Learn from Others Mistake. I am 42 years old a group - D employee woman. My husband is a politician (a president of a local party committee). We have two children - a boy and a girl. I admitted my two children to the village school. My son always got 1st rank from class - 1 to class - V  in the village school. So, all my good wishers advised me to take admission in one of the reputed school in the city. Thinking the bright future of my son, we had admitted him to one of the best school in the city and put him in the boys Hostel.

    We were very happy that he got 7th rank in class - VI final examination in his new school.  Because Hostel super guide and watched his students very well. We didn't expect that our son would bring a good result in a city school too. He could compete with others students.  Because most of the student's parents are doctors, engineers, officers etc.  in that school.

    My son got 9th rank in class - VII and 8th rank in class - VIII. My son used to complain us that in the boy's hostel some unruly students disturbed him a little and only two meals and light tiffin after school were provided them.  He often felt hungry. We felt pity for our son. So, we arranged a rent house for him in Class - IX, so that he might increase his percentage marks. My husband stayed with my son in a rent house.
   Sometimes his father had to come to the village when he had a meeting and long pending domestic works, so my son had to stay alone. In class IX results, his percentage marks decreased, he could secured only 57% marks. We felt that we made a big mistake bringing him from the boy's hostel. And there were many friends of him nearby where we had arranged a rent house.

    To stay in the city with them is not possible for me. Because my work place is in the village. And my  daughter is studying in the village school and we have many domestic animals such as cows, goats, ducks, hens and we have a small rubber plantation. On the other hand, we felt shy to send him back in the boy's hostel, he also didn't want to go there back.
     When did he fall into a bad company is unknown to us. In class - X examination results, his percentage marks was very poor. I couldn't understand What to do. And he began to disobey my words and learn to tell lie. Some of my villagers saw him smoking also. And there were many complaints against him. But he didn't admit that.
   In the matriculation exam, he could scored only 44% marks. We wanted to bring him back to take admission in the village school but he didn't want, rather he promised us that he would study well there and tried to improve his study. But not, he completely fell into bad company and his father also didn't want to stay with him as he did not carry out his father's advice.
    He failed in the class - XII test examination for the first time. At that time I saw him crying. I consoled him and consulted him to give up his bad company. And his father went there and stayed with him again. My son did not go out for a few months. So we thought that he had been changed. His father also didn't allow his son's unruly friends to visit him.
      After a few months, he began to go out again in the name of taking notes from his friends and for Xerox etc. He's back in the same position and ultimately he couldn't get promotion in class XII final examination.
     Now we admitted him to the drop out coaching centre.
     WHAT I LEARN IS....

3. I chose a wrong career.

     I'm 47 years old. I'm going to Share you how I did a mistake choosing a wrong career and became a low rank employee.
      After madhyamik examination I wrote PTI(Now TIT) entrance examination and I was selected but I couldn't dare to take admission due to lack of money of my parents. My parents worked in the field of other. We were very very poor. I had seen them how they taught me. Both my father and mother worked very hard day and night in all seasons. During summer, they worked under the heat of the sun. During winter season, they got wet while ploughing the field. The life of my parents was very tough. For agriculture, adequate monsoon is required. If the rainfall is inadequate, the Agriculture output would be bad.As the paddy field was others , so  the crops was divided into two after harvesting the crops.

   My father earned money by selling his crops.If the crops were not good, then our life became miserable. I still remember the day when my father could not buy rice and we had to remain empty stomac whole night. Next morning my mother begged a kilo of rice from our neighbour to feed us.
    After passing H.S examination results with first class and securing a  good rank in join entrance examination, I took admission in B. Sc with  chemistry honours in 1989. My father was a farmer. So I faced a financial crisis  but my father was interested in educating me. After studying  B. Sc for only two months, I left it and joined to the Pharmacy course without taking proper advice from educated people. Actually I wanted to have job soon at that time.

     I completed Pharmacy course in 1992.But the government of our state did not recruit in pharmacy department for a  long time. On the other hand all my friends completed B. Sc in the same year. . And the government of the state announced Job mela in education department. So all my classmates got job and became a teacher.I felt very sorry for choosing wrong career.
    Then I decided to take admission in B. Sc again without honours in 1996 and completed it in 1998.Again the govt  was not recruiting  job in education department. I run into frustration.

     I started business . At first I bought a car of bricks , then I sold it breaking these bricks . I had to stop this business after running 2 years due to lack of capital . Then I sold milk but there are no much profit. I could easily open medicine store but without capital it was not possible .
     Ultimately I got a job in graduate teacher post in govt-in-aid school in 2007. On the other hand some of my classmates became Headmaster, some officers  etc. Even they all got less marks than me in H.S. Examination . My pharmacy certificate is useless .
    Without proper guidance, we should not choose our career.
Here I have given some points for choosing  right career —
1.Before you can choose the right career, you must learn about yourself , your physical skills , your values, interest , soft skills, and aptitude in combination with your personality type.
2.Make some occupations a good fit for you and others completely inappropriate .
3.Think of what you enjoy doing . You might like to read, listen to music , swim,conduct science experiments, play games, cook or bake and so on .
4.Focus on your own aspirations.
5. Think of fields of work broadly.

 4.By changing the school of my son, I made a big mistake.

        I am Khumbar, 42 years old woman. My husband is a govt employee. I have two sons. Let me share you how I have done a big mistake changing my son's school last year.
  My elder son is good and obedient. But my younger son is stubborn and restless. My elder son is good at study and he scores good marks in all examinations. We are proud of him. My younger son does not study well but he does not fail in the examination and he is improving. Everything falls in right place.
     My elder son got a chance in an engineering college after high secondary examination as for his marks are good enough. We have to send him  Agartala, the capital of Tripura. We took the rented house for him in Agartala. He does not know cooking so I have to stay with my elder son. I left my younger son with his father in the village. He was studying in class VIII. Sometimes we changed the duty, if I came to the village, my husband went to Agartala.
 My younger son's tuition Teachers, school teachers were telling us —"He is improving ". I feel good hearing such good comments from his teachers.
     We have taken a decision to take my younger son to Agartala in class IX which was the biggest mistake I ever made. Because we have seen on TV local news channels that many teenagers are addicted to the drug in Agartala. I admitted my younger son in one of the best school in Agartala. We all moved to Agartala.
 Within a year my younger son fell into bad company.  He did not want to go to school. He didn't listen to my words. After inquiring,y we came to know that he began to use drugs. We were shocked.
   From childhood,d he loves to play and roam. In the evening time every day he wanted to go out. I allowed him because I thought that he would play in the field. When he was in the village, every day he used to play in the field with his friends.
     I realised my mistake if I would not have changed my son's school, he would not get spoiled. In the village,e, no one is using drugs. All the students are simple and obedient. They are competing for for one another. We have a good English medium missionary school in our village. My elder son was studying in that school up to class XII. Nothing happened to him. I have done a big mistake. Now we are taking consult with the doctor to set him free from drugs.
     Prevention is the best way to keep people from becoming addicted to drugs. When it comes to drug and alcohol consumption, holding the notion that “I’ll do it only once” may prove to be quite dangerous. And for those that do it the first time, it’s equally as dangerous to say “I can stop at any time.” Many people can, but those unlucky few that can’t end up with a dependence that spirals out of control.
Experimenting with drugs and alcohol can lead to addiction that may ruin the physical and mental health of an individual. Staying away from drugs and alcohol is the only way to positively prevent drug addiction.

5.A Mistake in student life made me a daily labour.

     I am Partha, 38 years old. I'm gonna share my student's life story. A mistake in student life made me daily worker. I annihilated my life remaining in groups with my comrades in school life. After ascending to class IX, I  became unruly and had many friends most of them were disorderly.
Author —B kumar Jamatia 
     In 1998 we moved to the city when I was studying in class VIII and my father admitted me in class VII at one of the best school in this city.  I was stubborn by nature. Now I can control myself.

     Everyday after breaking up the school, we used to go to the river bank and stayed there up to 8pm doing nothing  just gossiping. And if we got any information of ORCHESTRA, MELA etc, we did not miss. My mother tried to stop me, but I didn't pay attention to her. Earlier my father reprimanded me a lot but he didn't say anything now.
   My aunt from my mother side  also lived in the city. Sometimes I went there. She used to tell me the success stories of the people. I changed my mind and determined to study well. But I forgot everything after staying with friends.
   In the groups we talked about Sex, beautiful girls, entertainment etc. We rarely talked about Study. And some of our friends took drug, smoking and drinking and encouraged others. I did not take drug but smoked from class X. Bit by bit I lost interest in study.
    After having failed twice in class XI, I discontinued my study. After that I was abused by my father as I did nothing. Gradually I realised my mistake after seeing some of my other classmates to get job. I looked for manual work as I had no capital to do business. I got work in decorating work. We did not get work regularly. We were paid 300 rupees per day/work as wages. It helped me a lot, I did not require to ask money for my daily necessities to my parents. But unfortunately the owner of the decoration got a fatal disease and he had to sell his decoration business.I lost work.
      Then I joined in the mason but left it after working 6 months due to hard work. After that I opened a shop of clothes in my village. Again I had to close the shop due to credit sell and lack of capital.
    I didn't want to marry but I got married at the age of 32 years without income source due to pressure of my relatives, friends and others. Now I am a daily labourer.
    Some of my class mates who studied seriously in the school life got govt job. I feel shy when I meet them. They are riding bike, car etc and I am working in the field with shaggy cloth. And those my friends who were disorderly did not get job, some became business men, sub-contractor, driver, etc  because their parents are economically well off.

In student life, we should not mingle with many friends. We should made friends with two or three students for taking notes, home works and we should accompany with educated people.


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