A Mistake in Student Life Made Me Daily Labour.

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      A Mistake Story.  I am Partha, 38 years old. I'm gonna share my student's life story. A mistake in student life made me daily worker. I annihilated my life remaining in groups with my comrades in school life. After ascending to class IX, I  became unruly and had many friends most of them were disorderly.

Author —B kumar Jamatia 

     In 1998 we moved to the city when I was studying in class VIII and my father admitted me in class VII at one of the best school in this city.  I was stubborn by nature. Now I can control myself.
     Everyday after breaking up the school, we used to go to the river bank and stayed there up to 8pm doing nothing  just gossiping. And if we got any information of ORCHESTRA, MELA etc, we did not miss. My mother tried to stop me, but I didn't pay attention to her. Earlier my father reprimanded me a lot but he didn't say anything now.

   My aunt from my mother side  also lived in the city. Sometimes I went there. She used to tell me the success stories of the people. I changed my mind and determined to study well. But I forgot everything after staying with friends.

   In the groups we talked about Sex, beautiful girls, entertainment etc. We rarely talked about Study. And some of our friends took drug, smoking and drinking and encouraged others. I did not take drug but smoked from class X. Bit by bit I lost interest in study.
    After having failed twice in class XI, I discontinued my study. After that I was abused by my father as I did nothing. Gradually I realised my mistake after seeing some of my other classmates to get job. I looked for manual work as I had no capital to do business. I got work in decorating work. We did not get work regularly. We were paid 300 rupees per day/work as wages. It helped me a lot, I did not require to ask money for my daily necessities to my parents. But unfortunately the owner of the decoration got a fatal disease and he had to sell his decoration business.I lost work.

                  Image of working people
     Then I joined in the mason but left it after working 6 months due to hard work. After that I opened a shop of clothes in my village. Again I had to close the shop due to credit sell and lack of capital.

    I didn't want to marry but I got married at the age of 32 years without income source due to pressure of my relatives, friends and others. Now I am a daily labourer.
    Some of my class mates who studied seriously in the school life got govt job. I feel shy when I meet them. They are riding bike, car etc and I am working in the field with shaggy cloth. And those my friends who were disorderly did not get job, some became business men, sub-contractor, driver, etc  because their parents are economically well off.
In student life, we should not mingle with many friends. We should made friends with two or three students for taking notes, home works and we should accompany with educated people.

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